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When Will The 2024 NFL Schedule Be Released?

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When will the 2024 NFL schedule be released? Here’s what we know about dates, fixtures, and updates so far…

With a free agency free-for-all underway, the NFL offseason is in full swing. Of course, now that some of the biggest free-agent signings and trades are behind us, the following events on the schedule are the schedule release and the 2024 NFL Draft. While most fans have the date of the draft (April 25-27) penciled into their calendars, the same may not be true of the schedule release. To help remedy that, let’s go over everything we know about the schedule release for the 2024 NFL season.

When Will the NFL Schedule be Released?

The NFL has yet to set an official date for the scheduled release. However, recent years suggest that the full schedule will be released during the second week of May. In 2024, fans should have their eyes on May 8 and 9. Based on recent trends, those are the dates that make the most sense for the NFL to release the full schedule. Of course, the NFL could always have a surprise in mind to keep fans on their toes and draw even more publicity than usual for the 2024 schedule.

Once the full schedule is known, sportsbooks will begin to give out betting odds for individual games, especially games during the first week of the season. This is the ideal time to check out FanDuel Sportsbook and other betting sites to see what kind of features they offer.

Could we Find Out Games Before the Official Release?

Yes, leaks are always possible when it comes to the NFL schedule. This is because teams are typically aware of their schedule before the league releases it to the public. Therefore, teams like to find creative ways of announcing their schedule with special social media posts or creative videos. It’s gotten to the point where teams are trying to one-up each other when it comes to creativity. Most teams won’t share their whole schedule before the official release. However, before the full schedule is released, they will inform fans about their season opener or special events, including international games. This allows fans to learn parts of the schedule before the whole thing is public.

Do Teams Know Their Opponents?

Yes, every NFL team already knows its opponents for the 2024 season. The NFL season is somewhat predictable. For starters, teams play six games within their own division. Also, each division is paired with two other divisions, accounting for eight additional games. That format dictates 14 of a team’s 17 games. Moreover, the NFL has released what teams will be facing each other in 2024, including the home team for those games. This means that fans already know what opponents their favorite team will be playing at home and on the road.

What Teams are Playing Overseas

The caveat to teams knowing their home and road opponents is the fact that some games will be played on neutral fields outside of the country. As usual, the Jaguars will play a game in London. The Bears and Vikings are also set to play in London while the Panthers will play a game in Munich. The Eagles are also set to play a game outside of the country, traveling to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for what will be the first NFL game ever played in South America. The opponent for all of those international games is yet to be determined, so fans must wait until the official schedule release to learn that information.

When Does the Regular Season Start and End?

The NFL has set the precedent of starting the regular season on the first Thursday after Labor Day. That means the 2024 NFL season will begin on Thursday, September 5 with the first full Sunday of games coming on September 8. If you do the math, that means Week 18, the final week of the regular season, will be played on Sunday, January 5.

What’s the First Game of the Season?

The NFL has created a tradition of having the reigning Super Bowl champion play the first game of the regular season the following year. Last season, the Kansas City Chiefs began their title defense with a home game against the Detroit Lions, a game the Chiefs lost. Of course, that didn’t stop the Chiefs from winning the Super Bowl again, which means they will be kicking off the regular season again. Therefore, the Chiefs will be hosting the Thursday, September 5, game that kicks off the 2024 regular season. Kansas City’s opponent for that game is unknown but it will either be the Broncos, Chargers, Raiders, Ravens, Bengals, Saints, Buccaneers, or Texans.

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