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Updated Super Bowl Odds 2020

Super Bowl LV

This year’s NFL free agency was above and beyond more than what people were expecting. There were a ton of player moves that people didn’t see coming, including star wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins to the Cards, Stefon Diggs to the Bills but none was more shocking than Tom Brady choosing the Tampa Buccaneese as his new team. After 20 years with the New England Patriots, Brady will be wearing a new uniform, and because of it, Super Bowl odds got quite the shakeup. While there are still a handful of big names yet to sign with new teams, I thought I’d take a look at the progression in Super Bowl odds from the Monday after the Cheifs won Super Bowl LIV to seven weeks later. If you’re interested in placing a bet on one of these teams, check out this Golden Nugget Casino promo code to take advantage of their current promotion. The following table shows Super Bowl odds and the change over the last seven weeks.

Updated Super Bowl Odds +/- MAR23rd FEB 3rd
Kansas City Chiefs -100 500 400
Baltimore Ravens -50 700 650
San Francisco 49ers -50 800 750
New England Patriots -1000 1800 800
New Orleans Saints +400 1100 1500
Pittsburgh Steelers -700 2500 1800
Dallas Cowboys 0 2000 2000
LA Chargers -1500 4000 2500
Green Bay Packers +900 1600 2500
Seattle Seahawks +900 1600 2500
Philadelphia Eagles +500 2000 2500
LA Rams 0 3000 3000
Cleveland Browns -1000 4000 3000
Minnesota Vikings +500 2500 3000
Las Vegas Raiders -1000 4000 3000
Indianapolis Colts +700 2800 3500
Tennessee Titans +1300 2200 3500
Houston Texans -1500 5000 3500
Chicago Bears +1000 3000 4000
Atlanta Falcons -1000 5000 4000
Buffalo Bills +2000 2000 4000
Tampa Bay Bucs +3300 1200 4500
Denver Broncos -1600 6600 5000
Carolina Panthers -1400 8000 6600
New York Giants -5900 12500 6600
New York Jets -3000 10000 7000
Detroit Lions 0 8000 8000
Arizona Cardinals +4000 4500 8500
Jacksonville Jaguars 0 10000 10000
Cincinnati Bengals 0 10000 10000
Miami Dolphins +2500 10000 12500
Washington Redskins 0 15000 15000

Tampa Bucs

Super Bowl Odds: +1200

Obviously the biggest jump in Super Bowl LV odds was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after they signed Tom Brady. The Bucs went from +4500 to +1200. The Bucs have an underrated roster with depth on defense and arguably the best receiving duo in the NFL. Mike Evans (WR9) and Chris Godwin (WR2) should give Brady enough firepower on the outside while O.J Howard and Cameron Brate should benefit from the years of experience that Brady brings to the team.

Arizona Cardinals

Super Bowl Odds: +4000

The trade to acquire DeAndre Hopkins improved the Cards chances of representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, however, they are still long shots overall. Second-year Kyler Murray showed flashes of his talent last year but will be under the gun to take the next step in year two. Often times there is a Sophomore setback with quarterbacks. Murray and company also play in one of the most improved divisions in football, the NFC West. The 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams all had winning seasons in 2019, while the Cards went 1-5 in their division. The Cardinals are one of the leagues up and coming teams, but Super Bowl LV might too much in Murray’s second season.

Quick Notes

  • The Bills saw a decent spike in Super Bowl Odds after acquiring Stefon Diggs. The Bills gave up quite a bit to obtain the talented wide receiver but will want to make the most of their remaining draft picks. With Tom Brady out of the NFC East, there will be breathing room for the Bills to compete for the division title.
  • The Tennessee Titans re-signed the players that made them the team they were last season. Locking up Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry should ensure the offense is still a threat in the AFC and sportsbooks improved their odds as well.


Who do you like this year, and what team do you wish you had placed a bet on prior to NFL free agency?


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