Updated Super Bowl Odds

Updated Super Bowl Odds 6

Updated Super Bowl Odds: 12/20 2018

  • New Orleans Saints 2.5 to 1
  • LA Rams 4.5 to 1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 6 to 1
  • LA Chargers 7.5 to 1
  • New England Patriots 7.5 to 1
  • Chicago Bears 11 to 1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 16 to 1
  • Houston Texans 16 to 1
  • Dallas Cowboys 25 to 1
  • Baltimore Ravens 28 to 1
  • Minnesota Vikings 33 to 1
  • Philadelphia Eagles 33 to 1
  • Seattle Seahawks 33 to 1
  • Indianapolis Colts 33 to 1
  • Tennessee Titans 50 to 1
  • Washington Redskins 200 to 1
  • Carolina Panthers 200 to 1
  • Cleveland Browns 200 to 1
  • Miami Dolphins 250 to 1

With the high number of NFL teams still battling for a playoff position or home-field advantage, resting players isn’t going to be an option in week 16. Nagging injuries could force some guys to sit out, but for the most part, starters are in and hard pressed to get a win this Saturday or Sunday. The result could lead to a big weekend for sports bettors. Normally, there is a spike of sports gambling this time of year from fantasy football league owners that were eliminated from the playoffs. Some turn towards Daily Fantasy Sports (DraftKings or Fanduel), SportsBetting sites or these casino apps, but the holiday season does see a rare gambling spike over the holidays.

While betting on Super Bowl Odds won’t give you that rush you’re looking for over the next few days, it does give you the last shot at some odds that will no doubt get updated. With a handful of teams still clinging on to a wildcard spot, this is your last chance to get action on a team that is on a hot streak or a team that is about to run the table in the postseason.

LA Chargers 7.5 to 1

Record: 11-3 | Currently the 5th seed in the AFC

The Chargers currently hold the NFL’s longest winning streak of four games. While that may not sound like much, they’re hot at the right time of year and on the tail of the Kansas City Chiefs. With a little help, the Chargers could potentially steal home field advantage throughout the NFL playoffs. The Chargers play the Ravens on Saturday night at home, then close out their season on the road against the Broncos. I expect them to win both of these games putting the pressure squarely on the Chiefs to continue to win outright and hold onto the top spot in the AFC. The Chiefs play the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday Night, this is an intense game that could go either way. Both the Chiefs and Seahawks need a win and despite KC being slight favorites (-2.5), playing in Seattle in primetime, is very difficult.

If the Chargers win, and the Seahawks spoil the Chiefs on Sunday, The Chargers will claim the top spot in the AFC. At that point, I fully expect the Chargers 7.5 to 1 Super odds to change. If you’ve got a gut feeling on the Bolts, now would be a good time to get in on that Super Bowl bet.

Chicago Bears 11 to 1

Record: 10-4 | Currently the 5th seed in the NFC

Updated Super Bowl Odds 7The high scoring New Orleans Saints and LA Rams always capture the media’s attention. But the Bears held the powerhouse Rams to just 6 points a couple weeks ago in a very convincing victory. It’s a passing league with scoring way up, but this time of year the cold weather teams are the once who prevail and advance in the postseason. The Bears have an excellent balance of offense and defense and could be the most overlooked team in the NFC right now. Defense hasn’t won championships lately, but the Bears could change that this season. I like them at 11 to 1.


– Long Shot –

Philadelphia Eagles 33 to 1

Record: 7-7 | Currently outside looking in

The reigning Super Bowl champions have yet to even clinch a playoff spot. A bet on them to win the Super Bowl could be a ticket you’re throwing out by Monday. However, Nick Foles is starting and that magical underdog feeling seems to be back. This team is not even close to as good as they were a season ago, with many injuries to key players at key positions. That being said, it wasn’t the defense that won the Boo-Birds Super Bowl 52, as Tom Brady threw for over 505 yards against that defense and still lost. If you love cheering for an underdog, (even though their the champs), grab the Eagles for a small wager at 33 to 1.


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