Ty Montgomery Fantasy Outlook

Ty Montgomery Fantasy

With their third round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Packers selected wide receiver Ty Montgomery. Not an area of need but Mike McCarthy and his backroom staff see something in the Stanford product.

Ty Montgomery Fantasy 2015

Ty Montgomery FantasyThe Green Bay Packers hold a monopoly of the NFC North. They have won the last four division titles and look set to mount another challenge for the title this season. Their offense is one of the main reasons behind their dominance and they have even improved certain areas, yet again, during the NFL draft.

With their third round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Packers selected wide receiver Ty Montgomery. Not an area of need but Mike McCarthy and his backroom staff see something in the Stanford product.

They have two of the better wide receivers in the game locked in and under contract through 2018 in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. They also have an exceptional sophomore talent in DeVante Adams as their third wide receiver to go with one of the best quarterbacks in the league, a dominant offensive line and a top five running back.

The Packers can afford to get a little experimental in their drafting process. There is a fear, however, that Montgomery will become a better football player than fantasy player unless, of course, your league rewards punt and kick return yards and touchdowns.

Where does Montgomery fit?

Ty Montgomery made a name for himself in college as a punt and kick returner and he will most likely contribute in this fashion during his rookie season. He does have the frame of a top wide receiver and was referred to as a bigger Randall Cobb by coaches recently but is more of a return specialist, as of now. The Packers have not drafted a wide receiver in the first round of the draft since they picked Javon Walker in 2002 but they have a very good track record of drafting wide receivers in day two and later of the draft and turning them into very dependable pros. Think Cobb and Nelson in round two. They obviously feel like they are onto another winner in Montgomery as the third round selection tells us.

There is also a possibility that, with so much emphasis on Lacy, the Packers can implement Montgomery in more jet sweeps and packaged plays this season based on the fact that many claim he is a running back in a wide receivers body. What makes Montgomery so good at returning kicks is his change of direction and patience to allow blocks to develop. This might help in his quest to become a crisp route runner. It is, however, more of a developmental pick and the Green Bay Packers are looking to the future with this third round selection – patience is required.

Another aspect of Montgomery’s game that he needs to clean up are his drops. While they are not as common or as unfixable as some might claim, they have been highlighted and need work. The drops are one thing at college but in the NFL, you will start to lose targets especially in such a demanding environment as Green Bay. It comes down to whether Montgomery has the ability to overcome some mental obstacles along with allowing himself the time to get better. Being a Stanford graduate means he gets the benefit of the doubt on this front. The pick might also have been used as a way of setting a fire underneath Devante Adams, which it more than likely will. (So take a look at his fantasy value and the possibility of acquiring him)

Fantasy Outlook

The general consensus is that the better the quarterback, the better Montgomery will be. In a dynasty league, I would hold off initially but do believe he will definitely develop into something special with the Green Bay Packers. If Montgomery can be grabbed in the later round of your rookie draft he might be worth the investment, but overall he’s a bit of a gamble considering his position on the depth chart.

Keep a very close eye on how things start to develop in Green Bay during the preseason as Montgomery shouldn’t supplant DeVante Adams, yet they might begin to use Montgomery in several unique packages this season. Word will start to come from camp as to where he stands.

Montgomery might be worth a look in the third round of rookie dynasty drafts and will more than likely be a hotter commodity next year as a free agent pick-up if someone doesn’t take a chance on him this year.

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