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Fantasy Football Commissioner Tips: Trade Deadlines

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One of my biggest pet peeves are owners who completely check out of the league. It either happens once the trade deadline passes or once their team is completely out of playoff contention.

Fantasy Trade Deadlines: When is Too Early?

Fantasy Football 2016Early in my Dynasty Fantasy Football career, I received an email letting me know I was being offered a trade. When I went to accept the trade it wasn’t there anymore. I knew the trade deadline was close, but I didn’t realize how close it was. All I could think about in that moment was Seinfeld‘s  Soup Nazi telling me “No Trade For You!” I was sitting there not understanding why there is a difference between making a trade in Week 10 versus making a trade in Week 12. Who was the commissioner to tell me when the deadline was?

If you are like me and want to get rid of them here are a few reasons you can use:

Keep non-contending teams active longer

One of my biggest pet peeves are owners who completely check out of the league. It either happens once the trade deadline passes or once their team is completely out of playoff contention. By moving the trade deadline back as far as possible, or completely getting rid of it, you will have more non-contending teams shopping players on their roster. Keeping these owners active in the trade market will add activity to the waiver wire and ultimately increase the competitiveness of the leagues as a whole.

Trade Pressure
[the_ad id=”58835″]Has anyone ever made an offer to you and said something like “I’m interested in this player. Let’s see if we can get this done before the deadline. We can work something out.” IT IS PRESSURE. From one point of view, you have the other owner against a rock and a hard place. You know they want to get rid of a specific player. The player you are focused on might be a veteran player they have been trying to move all season and they are playing right into your hands. From the other point of view, you have a specific amount of time to get depreciating assets off of your roster before the deadline. By removing the trade deadline you allow a free trading society where there is less pressure to get a deal done and often times the deals will be fair.

Buying a championship/ Removing the injury asterisk
[the_ad id=”63198″]This one will be controversial but stick with me. Imagine you make it to your league’s playoffs and you lose your workhorse RB1, who carried you all season, during your bye week and you don’t have the depth to replace that player well. What are you going to do? In most leagues, there is nothing you can do and you would lose in your first game of the playoffs. There will always be the asterisk for you in that league because you had the worst injury happen at the worst time. What if you didn’t have to lose? What if there was a way you could flip your rookie picks into a replacement RB1? What if your non-contending league mates, who are checked out of the league and inactive for the offseason, were paying attention to the playoffs because they can still make trades and would be happy to ship you a RB1 for picks or a combination of picks and players? Imagine the activity and interest your playoffs would be getting.

Trade deadlines have been around forever. The NFL has trade deadlines and we are playing a game based off of the NFL. I get it. Why not change it up? Why not make your league the league other leagues want to copy? You should be the one league to establish the best practices for fantasy football. Be bold. Be innovative. Be the person who sets the bar.


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