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Top Streaming Fantasy Defenses: Week 7

Streaming fantasy defenses

Whether it’s your college re-draft league, your intense dynasty team, or daily tournaments, the golden rule in fantasy football is to never break the bank for a defense.

Squeezing the Defense:

Top Streaming Options for NFL Week 7

Fantasy DefenseWhether it’s your college re-draft league, your intense dynasty team, or daily tournaments, the golden rule in fantasy football is to never break the bank for a defense.

As the most volatile position in fantasy football, nearly every defense in the league is a viable starting option for a given week. In daily fantasy, creating new rosters and therefore selecting new defenses is the name of the game. In other formats, over-drafting a defense or sticking with the same unit for an entire season is more like shooting yourself in the foot. With that approach, you’re simply not squeezing the position for all it’s worth.

Take these fun numbers from last season for example:

  • Every one of the league’s 32 defenses posted at least two top-12 finishes
  • 28 of the league’s 32 defenses posted at least one top-five finish
  • 22 defenses recorded at least two top-5 finishes

There’s value to be had with every defense. Knowing who to play and when to play‘em is the key.

Using a rough criteria consisting of everything from turnover opportunities to betting lines, GX will help you manage fantasy football’s most volatile position by bringing you the top streaming defensive options each week for the entire season.

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The Chargers balloon finally popped last week, as the San Diego defense managed just a single fantasy points against Oakland. If you saw the Raiders hanging tough with a team currently on one of the strongest rolls in the league, you should probably mosey on out to Vegas and place a few bets.

Luckily, the Lions and Broncos made up for the Bolts’ disappointing performance, each tallying double-digit outputs.

Bring on Week 7!

Seattle (@ St. Louis)

Austin Davis and the Rams have been impressive with their ability to rack up yards this season, but they’ve also committed 10 turnovers in five games. With the Seahawks coming off a tough loss at home last week to the Cowboys, they’ll be fired up and looking to rebound in an important division match-up.

The top defense this week (Chicago) will run you $3,400 over at DraftKings, so $3,200 for Seattle may feel a bit high, but even in games where they allow 400+ yards, the Seahawks can give you double-digit totals by way of turnovers — which are bound to happen in this game.

Buffalo (vs. Minnesota)

Despite coming off a negative scoring outing last week against the Patriots, the Bills defense appears to be in store for a decent Week 7 at home against the Vikings in the lowest line total (42.5) game of the weekend.

With 19 sacks this season (good for second in the NFL behind only the Lions), the Bills will certainly have their chances against Teddy Bridgewater, who continues to learn as he goes. Unfortunately for the rookie, Buffalo’s defense won’t be so kind as to give him any leeway.

The Bills will cost you nearly top dollar at $3,300, but the 11 sacks over their last three games (including a half dozen against Matthew Stafford and that Detroit offense) should give you all the push you need to consider them a reliable start this week.

Cleveland (@ Jacksonville)

I probably wouldn’t have started the Tennessee defense last week, despite the strong trend of rostering any defensive unit going against the Jaguars. Wouldn’t you know it? The Titans defense came out with not only the victory, but 13 fantasy points.

Continuing to ride the wave, Cleveland is an affordable ($3,000) option this week with some relative upside given their opponent.

Washington (vs. Tennessee)

WARNING! Tread with caution.

This Washington defense has done nothing in, I dunno, a very long time to warrant them a decent streaming option. Yet here we are…

For starters, the Redskins are dirt cheap this week at just $2,600, so you’d be gaining some flexibility with the rest of your roster if you had the stones to start them. Then of course there’s the opponent, who does not pack much of a threat as it is.

We’ve seen one good outing of this Washington defense the entire year and it came in Week 2 against the Jaguars. If you’re one of those who groups Jacksonville and Tennessee somewhere near each other in terms of offense, then maybe that Week 2 output carries some weight.

Again, starting the Redskins defense this week would require some courage, but if the Redskins can give you a couple sacks and maybe a turnover, the money you saved at defense should pay off in other areas where you were able to bolster your skill positions.

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