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Top Streaming Fantasy Defenses: Week 10

Streaming Fantasy DEF week 10

Whether it’s your college re-draft league, your intense dynasty team, or daily tournaments, the golden rule in fantasy football is to never break the bank for a defense.

Streaming Fantasy DEFSqueezing the Defense:

Top Streaming Options for NFL Week 10

Whether it’s your college re-draft league, your intense dynasty team, or daily tournaments, the golden rule in fantasy football is to never break the bank for a defense.

As the most volatile position in fantasy football, nearly every defense in the league is a viable starting option for a given week. In daily fantasy, creating new rosters and therefore selecting new defenses is the name of the game. In other formats, over-drafting a defense or sticking with the same unit for an entire season is more like shooting yourself in the foot. With that approach, you’re simply not squeezing the position for all it’s worth.

Take these fun numbers from last season for example:

  • Every one of the league’s 32 defenses posted at least two top-12 finishes
  • 28 of the league’s 32 defenses posted at least one top-five finish
  • 22 defenses recorded at least two top-5 finishes

There’s value to be had with every defense. Knowing who to play and when to play‘em is the key.

Using a rough criteria consisting of everything from turnover opportunities to betting lines, GX will help you manage fantasy football’s most volatile position by bringing you the top streaming defensive options each week for the entire season.

* * *

Not even Cincinnati against Jacksonville could save us last week. Here’s to revisiting streaming trends and posting a solid Week 10 rebound.

Arizona (vs. St. Louis)

This should pretty much go without saying, and it’s doubtful the Arizona defense is available outside of leagues consisting of 10 teams or more, but the Cardinals are firing on all cylinders right now. Not just as a defense, but as a team.

The interesting part of the Arizona defense and how it relates to fantasy output, however, is the fact they’re bottom of the barrel in terms of sacks, but leading the league in interceptions. The key is their ability to blitz with the best of them, which means they cause disruption and force quarterbacks into tough situations.

The run defense ain’t too shabby either as Arizona ranks as one of the best in the league and has held every back they’ve faced to under 100 yards.

The Cardinals will cost you a pretty $3,400 this week (top-priced), but should be a strong play against a Rams team that loves giving the ball away.

Atlanta (@ Tampa Bay)

This isn’t to say the Falcons are a good defense, but instead that Tampa Bay led by Josh McCown is a really bad offense.

Before going down with an injury, McCown barely averaged 12 points a game through three weeks and handed opposing defenses four interceptions over the same span. This week, McCown returns (although no one understands why) and the Falcons are the lucky birds coming out of their bye week preparing to feast on the 35-year-old journeyman with a sub-66 quarterback rating.

To me, $3,100 is a bit high for the Atlanta defense, but doable given their opponent. They’ve only posted one double-digit total all year (Surprise! It was against McCown and Tampa on TNF when they led 56-0 in the third quarter) and they don’t threaten opposing quarterbacks. If the Falcons are going to do anything, it’ll be against the Bucs this week as they fight for a weak NFC South division.

Dallas (@ Jacksonville)

Start a defense against Jacksonville! All the cool kids are doing it!

Although Cincinnati allowed that trend to die a little last week, we have a decent sample size that says defenses do well when playing the Jaguars. Even for a defense like Dallas who doesn’t put up crazy numbers, yet will still set you back $3,300, the buy is worth it.

P.S. They’re playing this game in London, for what it’s worth.
P.S.S. Tony Romo looks like he’s going to play… also for what it’s worth.

Baltimore (vs. Tennessee)

Plenty of teams should be adding the Baltimore defense if they weren’t rostered already, so you may have to be quick to action in season-long formats. In daily formats, however, you’re spending $3,200 in exchange for a rebounding defense at home set to take on Zach Mettenberger in just his second career start.

The Ravens don’t look great against the pass statistically this season (lots of passing yards allowed, only five interceptions), but that’s where Mettenberger and his inexperience comes into play, as well as the situation for Baltimore following that ugly loss to Pittsburgh on national television last Sunday.

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