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Top 10 Tuesday: Fantasy Jackpot Randomness

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That old expression “Any Given Sunday” couldn’t apply more to the following Top 10 Tuesday Fantasy Football Jackpot Randomness from the 2012 season

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]Fantasy Footballantasy Football gurus pride themselves on studying stats and making educated predictions throughout the NFL year. We all know that last season none were better at making weekly Fantasy Ranking picks than our very own head analyst Jody Smith.

But even as bang on as Jody or any of the Gridiron Experts writers have been over the years, some fantasy football randomness just cannot be predicted without a crystal ball.

That old expression “Any Given Sunday” couldn’t apply more to the following Top 10 Tuesday Fantasy Football Jackpot Randomness from the 2012 season:

#10 Shonn Greene

32 carries 161 yards and 3 TD’s

Fantasy owners reached for the sky in disbelief over this one week fantasy “Are you kidding me?! ” jackpot performance. Shonn Greene completely under produced the entire time he was a New York Jet, yet week 6 at home against the Indianapolis Colts, Greene was able to rack up 160 yards and three touchdowns.

#9 Greg Olsen

9 receptions 102 yards and 2 TD’s | Week 10 vs the Broncos

There is a very good chance you had Greg Olsen in your fantasy lineup week 10 against the Broncos. Olson was a very productive lower tier Tight End that got you decent fantasy yards here and there. His value in PPR leagues was a lot stronger due to the high number of catches week to week. Yet, he makes the list as Olsen in this particular game cracked the 100 yard mark and found paydirt twice on nine receptions.

#8 Kevin Ogletree

8 Rec. 114 yards and 2 TD’s

The absolute definition of fools gold. Fantasy owners rushed to their waiver wires and grabbed this one week wonder. Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Kevin Ogletree had four touchdowns on the season, two of which came in this week one match-up.

This lucky fluke performance had more standard fantasy football points in this one game against the Giants than in the next combined six Cowboys games. Right place, right time? -no kidding

#7 Dante Rosario

4 Rec. 48 yards and 3 TD’s

Dante Rosario scored three touchdowns all season, and they all happened to be in the week 2 match-up against the Tennessee Titans. Although what’s really amazing, is the fact that Rosario had 10 receptions all season. This one week huge fantasy performance just simply mocked Antonio Gates owners -and in a way, the Titans. After the second score you’d think somebody on the defense would be saying: “We need to start covering that guy.”

#6 Brian Hartline

*Brian Hartline 80 yard touchdown at the 2:01 min mark

12 Rec 253 yards and 1 TD

Despite many of the names on this list of one-week fantasy wonders, Brian Hartline’s 2013 stock may be on the rise as a sleeper heading into the new year. Now with Mike Wallace demanding so much attention from defenders, Hartline may be able to build on his fantasy value.

Hartline had only this one lone touchdown in 2012 (video), but did have two additional games where he cracked the hundred yard mark.

Lazy-Boy#5 Titus Young

Week 8 vs. the Seattle Seahawks | 9 Receptions 100 yards 2 TD’s

The La-Z-Boy recliner is the best representation that I could think of for Young’s current NFL home team. In week 8 against the Seahawks, the former Lion had 100 yards and two touchdowns on 9 receptions. This monster fantasy performance might’ve been the reason why Titus Young’s ego was so astronomical and caused the meltdown that has him out of the NFL.

#4 Donnie Avery

Week 13: 5 receptions 99 yards and 2 TD’s

Donnie Avery is now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, yet back in week 13 this Indianapolis Colt caught five catches for 92 yards and two touchdowns.

There are probably more random individuals that could make the top of this Fantasy list, but with T.Y Hilton stealing a lot of the spotlight at this point in the season, fantasy owners had completely given up on Donnie Avery.

His performance pissed off more than a few fantasy football fans.


#3 Dennis Pitta

Week 15 vs the Broncos | 7 receptions 125 yards and 2 TD’s

Dennis Pitta had his single best 2012 fantasy performance in week 15 against the Denver Broncos. Pitta was an on-again off -again streaky fantasy Tight End in 2012, yet makes this list due to the fact it was week 15, fantasy playoff time. His matchup was not ideal, but he did reward fantasy owners with a huge day.

#2 Bryce Brown

Week 12 vs. the Panthers: 19 rushes for 178 yards 2TD’s | 4 Rec 11 yards (2 Fumbles lost)

Philadelphia’s Bryce Brown set a club rookie record with 178 yards rushing, including TD runs of 65 and 5 yards.¬†Brown, filling in for injured running back LeSean McCoy, surpassed Correll Buckhalter’s rookie mark of 134 yards rushing in his first start since his senior year at Wichita East High School in 2008. Brown did lose two fumbles, including one in Panthers territory.

#1 Matt Schaub

43/55, 527 yards 5TD’s

I guess you could say every dog has his day. Matt Schaub, who is not known as a top 10 fantasy quarterback, cracked 527 yards with 5 scores to lead all fantasy players week 15.

Many fantasy owners had this Texan gunslinger sitting on their bench, and during the fantasy playoffs made for many bummed out owners.

The Broncos overcommitted to the Texans running game and the secondary got burned on many key plays in week 11.


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