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Thomas Rawls or C.J. Prosise? Fantasy Keeper Nightmare With Uncertainty

Thomas Rawls
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Thomas Rawls or C.J. Prosise

The NFL is an ever-changing environment and the Seattle Seahawks are no exception with their confusing running back carousel as of late. It seems like just yesterday Marshawn Lynch was breaking six or seven tackles on his way to a 40 yard gain. Today the Seahawks backfield is a 1-2 punch comprised of Mini Beast Mode Thomas Rawls and dual threat youngster C.J. Prosise. On the surface, this sounds like a great combination of power and speed that many other teams are utilizing in today’s NFL.

It sounds like a nice problem to have doesn’t it? Well, like most other stories, there’s always another side. In the case of Rawls vs. Prosise, the other hand is injury history. In the last two seasons, both players have missed double digit games. Rawls with 13 and Prosise with 15 (dating back to his senior year of college).

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Knowing that fact, it’s easy to point out that there are probably better options out there than these two backs. Jordan Howard and Kenneth Dixon come to mind. However, for the sake of argument, I’ll dive a little deeper to see if I can determine which Seahawk will soar higher in the future.

Starting with Rawls. In nine regular season games for 2016, he gained 445 yards on 122 total touches for an overall average of 3.65 yards per touch. One could argue Rawls never got a chance to get into his groove by missing multiple games due to injury, injuries that sometimes seem self-inflicted. On many runs, Rawls acts like a heat-seeking missile heading straight toward the nearest defender to lower his head and trample, instead of using a stiff arm to gain a few extra yards. This raging bull attitude, plus his upright running style, which opens him up to extra shots, means that Rawls tends to suffer the unnecessary punishment that doesn’t bode well for the future from a health and production standpoint.

Speaking of production, Prosise’s numbers for the 2016 season are quite intriguing. In only six games, Prosise managed 380 yards with only 47 total touches, giving him an average of 8.1 yards per touch. Those of us paying close attention note that means in 75 fewer touches than Rawls, C.J. managed only 65 fewer yards. This definitely speaks to Prosise’ big-play ability. Further, if Prosise were able to stay healthy enough to receive the same amount of touches as Rawls’ 122, combined with his stellar average, he’d post close to a 1,000-yard season.

That potential output alone makes Prosise an exciting risk vs. reward option in keeper/dynasty leagues. Especially when you consider the fact that Prosise is probably much cheaper to acquire than Rawls. Therefore in an economic sense, Prosise gives you a much better cost-benefit. So, as mentioned earlier, I would look into other options in keeper/dynasty formats. But if you’re forced to choose between the two, the smart owner would see the value in Prosise moving forward.

Thomas Rawls


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