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The Bidder Sweet Week 14 Full Steam Ahead

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This is Bidder Sweet Week 14 Full Stream Ahead podcast. Hosts Eric Ludwig and Marc Mathyk bring you their favorite players to stream at the QB, TE, and DST positions. They also talk about the Manny Sanders and Greg Olsen injuries, C.J. Anderson signing to the correct team, as well as the return of D’Onta Foreman. They explore players like Jaylen Samuels, Spencer Ware, Golden Tate, and Daeshawn Hamilton but lose Marc for a moment as he checks to see if the NY Giants DST is available in one of his leagues. Moving forward the hosts disagree on Carson Wentz ROS but agree on Kenny Golladay’s bad schedule going forward. The podcast spirals out of control including tangents like cellphones, Ugly Kid Joe, Green Jelly, cassettes, 45’s, and their love of Grunge. Marc brings it back to football, blaming the Superbowl XXXV halftime show that had Aerosmith partner up with Britney Spears as the moment that killed music. Eric shows his age and then Marc tops Eric showing his age. There are outtakes but they were kept in the intakes. Lazy editing or holistic approach? You decide as you enter the playoffs. Good luck to all!

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Marc Mathyk

Marc Mathyk

Marc loves statistics, metrics, analytics, and football. He's a writer, artist, musician and world traveler. Marc loves to be right, but when he is wrong, he enjoys learning from it. Be yourself and be unique because the right people will always take notice.

Eric Ludwig

Eric joined the Navy just before 9/11 and shipped off to boot camp as a Nuclear Engineer in January 2002. He was accepted into an officer program and became a Surface Warfare Officer driving big ships with lots of guns after graduating from The University of Memphis with a degree in Engineering. Eric played fantasy football for years before the Navy, but limited internet access and hectic schedules during multiple deployments made following football closely nearly impossible. Upon returning stateside, Eric started consuming fantasy strategies and analysis to catch back up on the NFL. Not only did Eric catch up, he got hooked and caught the fantasy sickness. Eric separated from the Navy and returned to his hometown of Buffalo, NY to resume his sadistic love of the Bills locally.
In addition to football, Eric loves poker and writing. The lessons Eric learned while reading well over 20 poker books and playing poker avidly often drives his approach to fantasy. As a family man, Eric doesn’t get away to the poker tables nearly enough, but he finds time to pursue his love of writing and fantasy football. Eric specializes in redraft league strategies and loves the complexity of auction drafts

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