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Tebow Time?

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Sing it with me New York Jets’ fans – “Oh eee oh, Tee Bow. Oh eee oh, Tee Bow.” The chant NFL Network talking heads Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders used during Tim Tebow’s rise to stardom (sort of) last year is poised to make its return soon. With the Jets’ offense in shambles, the only way to save the season may be to turn to the former Florida Gator. It is going to have to be Tebow Time in New York.

He might be the perfect guy for the job. He can give one heck of a half-time speech, but he can also play the type of game the depleted Jets may have to play. I have never been a Mark Sanchez believer. He has not been helped by a number of drops over his career by some mediocre receivers, but he has never been a game changing quarterback. The Sanchize is more of a New York driven media creation than top tier quarterback. He is not nearly good enough to carry a good offense, much less this offense. Sanchez has been even more hampered by injuries on offense. Santonio Holmes is likely out for the season, tight end Dustin Keller has missed the last three games with an injury. With the remaining wide outs and tight ends on the team they have a total of 19 years experience between eight guys. The total number of career catches for those same eight guys is a whole 154 catches. That is an average of less than twenty career catches a piece.

With that crew of targets, the Jets are going to have to find a different way score points. The master – at least last year – of winning ugly was Tebow. Like Sanchez, I have never been a big Tebow as a quarterback fan either, but his different style is the only way I can see the Jets salvaging their season.  This team was built to run the ball, but that plan has gone so well they are 24th in the league in rushing. Even with a struggling offensive line, they are going to need to find a way. Tebow rushed for 660 yards last year and could insert some life into this offense.

This should never come into play, but the fans and the media are going to start demanding a change be made. They have screamed for Sanchez to get benched before, but this year they have someone on the bench who – like him or not – has won games in the National Football League.

Tebow’s style was able to cover up some of Denver’s offensive issues last season. Although New York’s issues on offense are even more daunting then last year’s Denver team the basic issue remains the same. There is very little hope for the Jets’ passing game. Add to that a lack of a consistent running game and Gang Green has a recipe for disaster unless Rex Ryan and the coaching staff make the only choice to possibly save the Jets’ season. It has to be Tebow Time in the Big Apple.

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