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Texans Will Fuller Breaks Collarbone at Practice

Article Update: Will Fuller Injured Texans' WR Will Fuller broke his collarbone today during practice, sources tell @sarahbarshop and me. Out indefinitely. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) August 2, 2017 Will Fuller suffered a broken collarbone on Wednesday and is out indefinitely. Broken collarbones can have a wide range of absence timetables. …

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Terrelle Pryor Fantasy

Terrelle Pryor Fantasy: What’s His Value in Washington?

Pryor’s unquestioned success during his initial foray into a sustained role at the wide receiver position, launched him firmly into the fantasy landscape as the season unfolded. But despite his accomplishments, and the availability of substantial cap space, Cleveland’s analytics-driven front office eschewed the option of using a franchise tag on Pryor …

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Christian McCaffrey

Dynasty Football Research: 7 Exciting College Players on the Rookie Horizon

Whether you’re a Dynasty player or not, it’s always fun to take a look at the next crop of talent coming up to speculate on who has the goods for Fantasy stardom. Now not all prospects end up being a Hall-of-Famers or even relevant on Sundays for that matter, I’m looking at you Justin Blackmon, but it’s still an important ritual for every Fantasy owner to dive into.

Who to Draft

DeAndre Hopkins vs A.J. Green: Who Should You Draft First?

Your fantasy draft is underway, and you are about to make your first pick. You have decided to select a wide receiver. Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., and Julio Jones have all been taken. You have determined that your best available option is either DeAndre Hopkins, or A.J. Green. But you need to make a choice between the two Pro Bowlers, and precious seconds are being confiscated by an unforgiving time clock. Who should you select… Hopkins or Green?

30 year old WRs

Fantasy Breakdown: A Closer Look At 30-Year-Old Wide Receivers

A prevailing theory in the NFL is that a 30-year-old running back is on the downside of his career. Thus leading to many fantasy football players looking to avoid aging ball carriers come draft time. But it’s not just running backs who fall victim to Father Time when they hit their thirties.