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5 Players with Outstanding Matchups Week Five

This week I’m moving off identifying trends and instead focusing on a handful of Week 5 matchups that you can exploit whether it’s in your season-long leagues or DFS lineups. The following five recommendations are some of my favorites and while they may not be the “trendy” pick of the week

Fantasy Football Stock

Fantasy Stock Report: The 10 Biggest ADP Movers

With actual fantasy football drafts taking place and actual football being played in less than two weeks, opinions on players will be changing significantly. With this in mind, I take a look at ten players who have spent the last month leaping up draft boards, and offer my thoughts on any (if any) merit to this new found appreciation.

Fantasy Football Sleepers

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- fantasy football draft time! One of the best parts of draft season is trying to acquire all of those sleepers that you have targeted in your draft before your league-mates can grab them. If that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered with value picks for each position.

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Video Breakdown: Every Sam Bradford Throw Over 15 Yards

Video Breakdown: Every Sam Bradford Throw Over 15 Yards.

Chip KellyIf you’re a football fan with a pulse, you’ve heard about the Jimmy Graham trade to Seattle and the shocking Sam Bradford trade to Philly from Tuesday. Rumored free agent deals were in the works for days, but no major hints of any sort of blockbuster trades were expected. After the Eagles sent LeSean McCoy to the Bills last week fans were expecting more detailed focus on signing players to help rebuild the Philly franchise. Instead, and to everyone’s surprise, the Birds ended up trading for a two-time ACL repaired Quarterback that makes 12+million a year.

From my estimation, Eagles fans are currently being divided into two groups after the team acquired Bradford in exchange for Nick Foles and a couple draft picks. A Eagle fan is currently either:

A.) Furious at Chip Kelly and has no idea why Chip would make this trade (or)
B.) In Disbelief this trade is real and thinks it’s part of a stepping stone to get Marcus Mariota.

Clearly no one knows what Chip Kelly is up too. So it would make zero sense for me to predict any possible future trades if there are any at all. Instead, I started to dig around for any possible reason to why Chip (or another team) would want Sam Bradford. The general consensus on Sam Bradford is he’s overpaid and injury prone, but how good is he when actually on the field? The above video is every NFL throw Sam Bradford has made in the pros that went for more than 15 yards. Here are the following takeaways from this video.

Arm Strength

It’s evident early on that Sam Bradford has excellent zip on his throws. He can bomb it down field in a flash and doesn’t need to put a ton of arch on his passes early to compensate for the time it takes the receiver to catch up with the ball. Bradford makes at least a dozen deep throws on target that are straight up dropped in this collection of highlights. His 2013 season was cut short, but statistically, and despite what looked like a below average receiving corps he was having a strong season.

Pocket Presence

Bradford was under pressure often in St.Louis but for the most part handled the pass rush well. He did a good job with time management and seems loose in the pocket. Bradford also never seems to stand flat-footed, he almost always looks like he has a constant bounce to his step. This is the total opposite of Nick Foles, who often get stuck on a spot. Teams later realized this and sent heat up the gut to get Foles to throw off balance.

Movement and Play-action Pass

Bradford throws on the run very well and sells the play-action pass far better than I remembered. Obviously his range of motion will be under question after his latest injury that put him on a shelf for all of 2014, but if healthy I can see a lot of roll out passes designed for him in the Eagles system. Play-action pass is a huge draw for Chip Kelly as he is a run-first coach. The Eagles adjusted their system for Foles but if Chip could have it his way, I’m sure he’d like to run far more in 2015.


Did the Eagles give up too much for Bradford? -Yes. Is Bradford a lame duck and a waste of time? -Not at all. If healthy Bradford could thrive in Chip Kelly’s system. Mike Vick, Mark Sanchez and Nick Foles all had strong statistically numbers playing for the Eagles, there’s no reason to think that Bradford couldn’t do the same, if not more.

Tre Mason Fantasy

Tre Mason Fantasy Gem 2014

During the SEC Championship game, Tre Mason put up video game numbers, with 304 yards and four touchdowns, but still slipped all the way to the third round.

Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford Feels Comfortable In New Scheme

Sam Bradford Career Stats

Season G QBRat Comp Att Yds TD Int Rush Yds TD
2010 16 76.5 354 590 3512 18 15 27 63 1
2011 10 70.5 191 357 2164 6 6 18 26 0
2012 16 82.6 328 551 3702 21 13 37 127 1
Stats 42 77.3 873 1498 9378 45 34 82 216 2
Now with a year under his belt, Rams QB Sam Bradford feels more comfortable in the Brian Schottenheimer’s offensive scheme.

The Rams have re-established Bradford’s mechanics and fundamentals, and the team can now look to become more creative and even aggressive in the passing game. With the Rams recent addition in April’s NFL draft, Bradford may now have a luxury target for the first time in his NFL career. The St. Louis Rams made an aggressive move to fill their greatest need, trading up from 16th to 8th in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft to select wide receiver Tavon Austin.

The former West Virginia wide receiver lined up all over the field for the Mountaineers. His strongest performance came against the Oklahoma Sooners, where he caught four passes for 82 yards, rushed 21 times for 344 yards, and scored two touchdowns, along with 146 kick return yards.

Tavon Austin, who stands tall at 5’9″ and 174 pounds, is this year’s most explosive and dynamic athlete. He enters the 2013 season as an early favorite to win the offensive rookie of the year with his ability to be plugged into the offense so quickly. Despite concerns about Austin’s size, the young wide receiver is extremely versatile. The Rams will line him up in multiple sets all over the field. Austin can play running back or wide receiver, and should help Bradford as a reliable option.

Rams Top WR 2010-12

Over the last three years, Sam Bradford hasn’t exactly had an elite core of wide receivers to throw to. Danny Amendola, when healthy, was a decent target in 2010 & 2012, along with Brandon Lloyd who the team acquired 4 games into the 2011 season. Although, despite being extremely young, Bradford’s most talented group of receivers is arguably in the line-up for the 2013 season.

Tavon Austin will be locked in as the top wide receiver for the Rams with second year man Brian Quick lining up opposite of Austin. Greg Cosell of NFL films described Brian Quick as a very fluid and smooth athlete with excellent lateral quickness and deceptive vertical speed due to stride length. He went on to say: “It’s not a stretch at all, when you analyze Quick’s physical and athletic attributes, to understand why the Rams selected him early. With his size and overall skill set, he has a chance to be the best wide receiver in this draft class.”

Brian Quick had a very modest rookie season, but he too was learning the ropes of the newly installed Brian Schottenheimer offensive scheme. With Brian Quick and depth receivers like Austin Pettis and slot receiver Chris Givens entering the training camp with a better understanding of the offense being ran, the team can tweak aspects for better production.

Fantasy Factor

By no means is Sam Bradford the answer to your fantasy football season. Yet, in his first season of a new complicated offensive system, Bradford was able to re-establish himself as fantasy worthy. The ability to simply flip Tavon Austin the ball in multiple screen and in-motion formations should pad Bradford’s stats considerably in 2013. With Steven Jackson long gone, the Rams will be expected to take to the air a lot more in this upcoming season. Draft Bradford and stash him on your bench, he could be a lifesaver down the stretch.

Jeff Fisher Rams

2-14 Rams, Couldn’t Look Any Better

When the St. Louis Rams made headlines when – in my opinion – they fleeced the Washington Redskins with the big trade that became official last Tuesday afternoon, it was just the start of new head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead’s plan to turn around the long suffering franchise.

Most of you know the details of the trade. The Rams moved down four spots from number two to number six position, picked up Washington’s second-round pick (39th overall) this year, plus Washington’s first round pick in the next two drafts. The Redskins paid the huge price even though the entire National Football League knew the Rams were moving out of that spot. It has become obvious the goal of the Rams is to build for the long term. They will be power players in the next three drafts and the moves they have made and not made early on in free agency, will have the Rams getting younger while freeing up cap space.