Detroit Lions

Offensive Overhaul: Detroit Lions

Despite solid offensive numbers, the Detroit Lions struggled late. A playoff birth looked like a sure thing when the Lions went 6-3 with a huge win in Chicago coming off their bye in week 9. Following that win, Detroit inexplicably went 1-6 to finish to year.

Reggie Bush Free Agency

NFL Free Agency: Who wants Bush?

Who is Reggie Bush? That is the question GM’s will try to answer before NFL free agency begins on March 12th. Is Bush “a bell-cow back” or is he a great complementary back?


NFL Cap Casualty List

Fantasy Cap Casualty List In the next few weeks, more and more NFL teams will have to evaluate their current roster under a completely different perspective. Ideally, every NFL team wants to have a roster full of superstars who can make plays and become leaders on and off the field. …

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Fantasy Football Trade

Fantasy Strategy: Trading For The Future

Do you have Vernon Davis – an automatic start during the regular season – on your roster? If you do, you might want to know he goes up against the Seahawks – in Seattle – in Week 16, most leagues’ title game week. Davis was blanked on last Thursday’s game, and while you could say he wasn’t targeted enough, one could also argue the Seahawks took him out of the game.

Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush: Changing Our Perception

Reggie Bush has worked himself into a must-start fantasy running back. He is no longer the underachieving runner that he was with the Saints. As Miami’s team and record have improved, so have Bush’s stats. If we look back to Miami’s last season, as they started to give Bush more touches, his production started to improve. The Dolphins have stuck with this philosophy and are looking to keep utilizing Bush.

2012 NFL Contract Year Players

2012 NFL Contract Year Players

When someone says “It’s not about the money,” it most certainly is about the money. Athletes are guilty of this more than anyone. How many times has a pro athlete stood before the media and said “It’s not about the money” right after they signed a mega contract? It happens all the time. The fact is, athletes want to get paid the most money possible and money can be a great motivator.

Heading into the 2012 NFL season, there are several key players who will be playing for big contracts. These are players who are in the final year of their contract and have proven to be valuable NFL commodities. As you prepare for your fantasy football draft, put a (*) by each of the following players as they prepare to enter the final year of their contract. The dangling carrot that is a new lucrative contract may just motivate them to elevate their game in 2012, and help your fantasy team in the process.

Miami Dolphins

Dolphins Backfield Crowded Yet Skilled

2012 looks to feature more of a split combo between Bush and now healthy Daniel Thomas. More of Thomas will surely drop the fantasy stock of Bush, yet where does rookie Lamar Miller fit into the picture?