Tony Romo 2017

Where Will Tony Romo Play in 2017?

2016 was supposed to be Tony Romo’s year. The Dallas Cowboys added Ezekiel Elliott to their offense with the fourth overall pick in the draft. They had the league’s No. 1 ranked offensive line and a borderline-elite wideout in Dez Bryant returning. Plus, a serviceable defense that could keep a game close. However, the landscape of the Cowboys, and perhaps, Romo’s career was turned upside down on one play in the preseason.

Jay Cutler

Is this Jay Cutler’s Last Chance to Remain an NFL Starter?

There is no question that Cutler would land another job immediately if he became a free agent in 2017 if it was all about the numbers. His 143 interceptions are fewer than some of the game’s greatest passers. Drew Brees (210), Eli Manning (205), Ben Roethlisberger (153) and even Tom Brady (150) have thrown for more. But…

Christian McCaffrey

Dynasty Football Research: 7 Exciting College Players on the Rookie Horizon

Whether you’re a Dynasty player or not, it’s always fun to take a look at the next crop of talent coming up to speculate on who has the goods for Fantasy stardom. Now not all prospects end up being a Hall-of-Famers or even relevant on Sundays for that matter, I’m looking at you Justin Blackmon, but it’s still an important ritual for every Fantasy owner to dive into.