Nick Chubb NFL Draft

10 NFL Draft Prospects That Will Be In Demand

The college football season is almost over, and the 2017 NFL draft will be here before we know it (April 27, 2017). Which means, we can finally start diving into who will be entering the draft and our expectations of those Fantasy prospects.

Christian McCaffrey

Dynasty Football Research: 7 Exciting College Players on the Rookie Horizon

Whether you’re a Dynasty player or not, it’s always fun to take a look at the next crop of talent coming up to speculate on who has the goods for Fantasy stardom. Now not all prospects end up being a Hall-of-Famers or even relevant on Sundays for that matter, I’m looking at you Justin Blackmon, but it’s still an important ritual for every Fantasy owner to dive into.

Over looked Fantasy Players

10 Veteran Players You’ll Overlook (and Regret) for a Rookie

Rookies often create a lot of buzz and fantasy drafters love reaching to find the next David Johnson or Odell Beckham Jr on their team. But the experience and familiarity with offensive systems and game speed are major advantages veteran players have over the newcomers. Here are some NFL veterans you may be able to draft at a discount because of the buzz surrounding rookies from the 2016 draft.