06 Jul 2017

SFB7 Mock Draft Recap and Strategy Breakdown

SFB7 Mock Draft It takes a lot to win a fantasy league, but there are three key factors: a good draft, good health and good luck. Fortunately, these factors were on my side in the SFB480 last year en route to a fifth-place finish. The Scott Fish Bowl is a

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21 Nov 2016

Monday Night Football Preview: Texans vs. Raiders

Football returns to Mexico City as the Houston Texans (6-3) and the Oakland Raiders (7-2) travel south for Monday Night Football. Both teams led their division and are looking to separate themselves from the pack. Both teams have a chance to put multiple games between them and their division opponents.

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15 Nov 2016

Buy Low Sell High: Week 11 Trade Targets

The last week for Buy Low Sell High because many leagues will have the trade deadline this week. So this article will be devoted to buying and selling the best players to help you win a fantasy football title.

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30 Jun 2016

Fantasy Football Productivity Based on Offensive Output

When it comes to fantasy football productivity, the following four position groups should be ranked high on your board, as potential opportunities it will present themselves as these players are in a postion for success.

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Clive Walford Fantasy
24 Apr 2016

Could Raiders Clive Walford be the Next Big Fantasy Tight End?

After years in the doldrums, the Oakland Raiders took the first steps back to relevance in 2015, finishing with a 7-9 record. Now, with the AFC West in a state of flux, a solid go at free agency and another year under quarterback Derek Carr, the Silver and Black could be ready to press on this year. One of the key weapons in their progression could very well be tight end Clive Walford, and his second year break out could be great news for fantasy owners.

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Brandon Marshall
12 Jun 2015

5 Fantasy WR’s Looking for Fresh Starts on New Teams

There are many directions a players career can go when the winds of change blow. On one side of the coin, you have the likes of Randy Moss moving to the Patriots from Oakland following the 2007 season and amassing 1,493 receiving yards and 23 touchdowns. The following season and on the other side of the coin you have Roy Williams who was traded in the chilly Detroit winters for the Texas sun and caught 111 passes in four years in what was considered one of the worst trades in NFL history.

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09 Aug 2014

49ers Offense Primed for Kaepernick Takeover

Despite a very small sample of Hyde in this offense, it was easy to envision Carlos Hyde and Frank Gore having their way with opponents in 2014. The duo should wreak havoc on defenses in an aggressive smash mouth attack this season.

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17 Jan 2014

NFL Playoff Preview: 49ers at Seahawks

San Francisco vs. Seattle was the logical conclusion to the NFC. These teams mirror each other so well that they seemed destined to meet in the playoffs. Each team has its elite defense, young mobile QB,

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09 Jan 2014

NFL Playoff Preview: 49ers at Panthers

The old sport cliché is that defense wins championships. Bank of America Stadium will feature two defensive heavyweights looking to prove that cliché true, when the 49ers and Panthers clash Sunday afternoon in Charlotte.

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11 Dec 2013

Week 15 Fantasy Football News & Notes

The Packers have a primo matchup with the NFL’s worst secondary, but it’s looking more and more like backup signal-caller Matt Flynn will once again be under center. Starter Aaron Rodgers reportedly looked good while taking first-team…

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