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2016 Free Agent Quarterbacks

As the most important player on the football field, quarterbacks are usually the highest paid members of their respective squads. Even backup signal-callers can earn handsome salaries in today’s offensive-led game.

Kirk Cousins Fantasy

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Outlook

Kirk Cousins was a popular waiver wire target last week following a significant injury to Robert Griffin III. After his performance in Week 3, Cousins’ fantasy ownership will almost certainly be on the rise again in the coming days. On the road in Philadelphia, Cousins completed 30-of-48 passes for 427 yards and three touchdowns

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Football

Kirk Cousins’ Fantasy Outlook

Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins’ Fantasy Outlook for the remainder of the 2013 NFL season. With the end of Robert Griffin III’s “NFL Honeymoon” how will Cousins’ value progress in fantasy football