Fantasy Football Gridiron

5 Players I’d Reach For in Fantasy Football 2014

It’s never too early to commence preparations for your next fantasy football draft. Mock drafts are a year-round thing nowadays and an integral part of those preparations. Every year, we research and hone in on different players we’re targeting.

Week 12 Fantasy Sleepers

The word “Sleeper” is usually avoided in our business, mainly because a sleeper in an 8 man fantasy league is not a sleeper in a 16 man PPR IDP league. To get around the definition of the word, we’re using ESPN’s starting percentage number to create…

Coby Fleener Fantasy

Fantasy Week 12 Ideal Match-ups

A large part of being successful in fantasy football is determining the better match-ups in your lineup. Fantasy owners debate every week on what players are the better starts for their team…

Dynasty Dominance

PPR Comparison Breakdown: Week 2

Everyone likes to compare different players as the week’s games approach. We all face the question of who to start over who. We want the match-ups that give us the highest possible success rate. Sometimes the answer is easy to come by, sometimes it isn’t.

Michael Floyd Fantasy

The Rise of the Second-Year Receiver

The third-year wide receiver breakout theory has been around in fantasy football circles for as long as I can remember. The logic is sound enough, as rookie receivers over the years have not typically been asked to step into a starting role