TNF Week 11

Thursday Night Football Preview: Saints at Panthers

Since 2006, the Saints and the Panthers have accounted for seven NFC south division championships. As far as this season is concerned though both teams are below .500 as time continues to dwindle on their respective playoff aspirations.

Chris Hogan Fantasy

10 Dynasty Sleepers Rebuild Teams Should Target

Rebuilding a dynasty team is a true craft and requires us to have the mentality of a brick layer! It isn’t just important to put up the wall, but every move should be thought out, and you must have a strong foundation. In this article, I want to focus on sleepers and stashes who teams should be trading for and stashing on your rebuilding rosters.

MNF Bucs at Panthers

Monday Night Football Preview: Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Week 5 of the 2016 comes to a close when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3) visit the Carolina Panthers (1-3) in a NFC South clash. Both teams have struggled to get off to a good start as they both trail in the standings and they will be looking to gain ground for second place.

Jamaal Charles Fantasy

5 Overvalued Fantasy Players According to ADP

One of the ways to begin researching for fantasy football drafts is to gauge the value of players based on their average draft position (ADP). The purpose of this writing is to offer five players who, subjectively and in no particular order, should be drafted lower than their current ADPs, according to numbers taken from as of 7/3/16.

You're On the Clock

You’re On The Clock: Fantasy Draft Debate

One of Gridiron Experts most popular articles is back for another season! “You’re On The Clock” is a group article series that pauses a fantasy football draft at a certain point and opens up a group discussion on fantasy draft strategies and who should be drafted next.

Sammy Watkins Fantasy

5 Fantasy Players Who Could Be Sophomore Jinxed

Fantasy football owners love to throw around the term “sophomore slump” like it’s an old, tried-and-true reality. However, I believe that the sophomore slump is a myth created by our unrealistic expectations of a player from one year to the next.

Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham Jr Tops Elite Receiver Rookie Class

Rookies usually need time. History has shown that the pro level is difficult to adjust to with complex route patterns and playbooks along with elite defensive coverages that can cause a young wide receiver a lot of adversity in their first year….the 2014 wide receiver class is not the case