Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan Fantasy Opportunity 2016

For years the footballers of Foxboro haven’t exactly been deprived of attention. When considering all of the variables it shouldn’t come as a shock to people. They have enough Super Bowl trophies to make a Bostonian blush, a Madden cover boy who serves as the resident party boy, a coach who can produce an instant soundbite with a mutter, and lastly a future hall of fame quarterback who is planning his redemption after suspension.

Jamaal Charles Fantasy

5 Overvalued Fantasy Players According to ADP

One of the ways to begin researching for fantasy football drafts is to gauge the value of players based on their average draft position (ADP). The purpose of this writing is to offer five players who, subjectively and in no particular order, should be drafted lower than their current ADPs, according to numbers taken from as of 7/3/16.

NFL Blockbuster

NFL Free Agency: 32 Team Needs Breakdown

With the NFL free agency period about to kickoff, teams are already scheming and counting their pennies for what should be an exciting week of NFL news. The three-day window for contact and negotiation between clubs and player agents starts today.