Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart To Be Cut? Panthers Have A Tough Call to Make

Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera was recently quoted on ESPN’s Insiders as saying the offense has to get Jonathan Stewart “rolling” and that “our primary runner cannot be our quarterback.” Many are assuming that by mentioning the soon to be 30-year-old RB by name, it’s a strong indication that Stewart will be returning in 2017. However, from a financial standpoint, the Panthers may be better off with a change.

Greg Olsen

Dynasty Fantasy Football: It’s Not All About Age

The biggest lesson you can learn playing dynasty fantasy football is that you CANNOT only rely on “young players.” Let me say it one more time but in a different way. To have a successful dynasty team, you should have veterans sprinkled through your roster to help stabilize and to create depth to your roster.

Fantasy Football Bust

10 Fantasy Football Busts in 2016

Everyone loves reading about players with upside. Unheralded guys that make good value picks. Players that can be drafted with a reasonable expectation that the onfield results will exceed their draft expectations. And perhaps everyone’s favorite preseason topic is guys that are going to be this season’s top sleepers.