Fantasy Football News

Eagles, Ravens Fantasy Shake Up

Adjustments to your draft board were nothing more than tweaks here or there; trivial moves that you would likely move right back the following day. Yet on Saturday the 27th, two relevant fantasy players were lost for the season shaking things up draft positions dramatically.

Ahmad Bradshaw

Fantasy Rapid Fire: Week 14

We all want to kick some butt this weekend, but a high number of fantasy owners are about to be eliminated from the race to the championship. “Any Given Sunday” is a perfect analogy to not only the chances of an NFL team, but a fantasy team as well. Regardless of this weekends stressful results, I want everyone to promise me that they will start a fantasy line-up that they have total faith in. -Don’t play players you don’t believe in.

Nick Foles Eagles QB

Vick, McCoy Out, Nick Foles to Lead Eagles Offense

As many predicted before the season, Michael Vick’s style of play would lead to injuries from taking too many hits, although having one of the worst offensive lines in football hasn’t helped. The Eagles’ 3rd round rookie backup quarterback Nick Foles from Arizona will get another start and try to improve on his first start from a week ago. Eagles fans had been calling for him in recent weeks due to Vick’s inconsistent play, but bad penalties, rookie mistakes and dropped passes made for one ugly debut.

Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin Out vs. Cardinals: Fantasy Impact

The battle of the birds just became even more unpredictable. The 2-0 Cardinals are about to face over against a 2-0 Eagles team now without key members to their offensive line and receiving corps. Not only is Philadelphia trying to figure out how to fix their problem at center with Jason Kelce’s needing season-ending knee surgery, but now they will also be without left tackle King Dunlap.

NFL Tuesday Takeaway

NFL Tuesday Takeaway: Week 1

You know what makes the NFL great, its unpredictability. Each week, contradiction and conventional thinking collides giving sportswriters more than enough good stuff to write about on Tuesday. From a pair of superstar running backs coming back from ACL injuries to Sanchezmania to a pair of rookie quarterbacks taking charge in year one, it’s all covered in the Week 1 edition of the Tuesday Takeaway.