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Fantasy Stock: Dez Bryant, Jeremy Maclin, and Overcoming Injury Perception

The fantasy football community is a fickle bunch. I say that with love, but if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written before, you know I call it as I see it. We hate the unknown and love dwelling on the past. We dislike quarterbacks that aren’t flashy or are conservative by nature and any and all injuries are red flags to us.

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Fantasy Target Strategy: Tips to Finding Weekly Value

If Player X had 200 yards receiving while Player Y only had 100 yards then the first player clearly had more yards. But if Player Y produced 100 yards running just 30 routes as opposed to 60, is production from Player Y not more impressive?

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Analyzing Fantasy Targets Week 6

Week 5 was the first time since Week 2 that we have not seen a receiver hit the 20 mark in targets. We also saw Julio Jones receive his season low in target totals and welcomed a new comer to not only the top five in targets but the top targeted receiver of the week. There will be some new names on the target list these week as well as familiar faces. In total, ten receivers were within the top five target receivers.

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5 Fantasy WR’s Looking for Fresh Starts on New Teams

There are many directions a players career can go when the winds of change blow. On one side of the coin, you have the likes of Randy Moss moving to the Patriots from Oakland following the 2007 season and amassing 1,493 receiving yards and 23 touchdowns. The following season and on the other side of the coin you have Roy Williams who was traded in the chilly Detroit winters for the Texas sun and caught 111 passes in four years in what was considered one of the worst trades in NFL history.

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Fantasy Completion Percentage After 2 Weeks

Most fantasy owners favorite NFL stat is the target, as it shows the quarterback’s dedication to getting a player the ball. A high number of targets usually results in more catches, yards, and of course touchdowns.