Cameron Brate

Fantasy Football Sleepers Week 4

Fantasy Football Sleepers Week Four Another week into the 2017 fantasy football season, another week of diverse names amongst the overall fantasy scoring leaders. Nine of the top 15 most productive fantasy players from Week 3 were quarterbacks. Aside from the four notable names that we are accustomed to seeing this …

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Jay Cutler

Is this Jay Cutler’s Last Chance to Remain an NFL Starter?

There is no question that Cutler would land another job immediately if he became a free agent in 2017 if it was all about the numbers. His 143 interceptions are fewer than some of the game’s greatest passers. Drew Brees (210), Eli Manning (205), Ben Roethlisberger (153) and even Tom Brady (150) have thrown for more. But…

Jimmy Clausen To Start

Drama in Chicago, Bears Playing with QB Fire

In a surprise turn of events Quarterback Jimmy Clausen will start for the Chicago Bears in Week 16 against the Detroit Lions. It has become very clear that the Bears are fed up with Jay Cutler’s erratic play and poor decision-making. Cutler was benched just 14 starts into his seven-year, $127 million extension.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Week 7 Ideal Match-ups

No one likes losing, in the NFL and in fantasy football. So, if I were you, I’d start any of the following professional football players if you want to avoid any “moral victories” this week.

2QB Fantasy Football

2QB Fantasy Football Strategy

I’ve been playing Fantasy Football for 23 years, and since 1990, my roster has had 2 starting quarterbacks in the lineup. It never made sense to me that you could have the most important player in the sport not even close to being the most important player in FF

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears 2012 Preview

The Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl? 18 games to get to the Super Bowl and then of course, you have to win it. So with all of this could the Chicago Bears get to the Super Bowl? Yes, they could. Here are some of the things that would need to happen for the Bears to end up bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to Chicago.