Peyton Hillis Fantasy Football 2012

Could Peyton Hillis be this years Mike Tolbert?

The 2011 season for Peyton Hillis could almost be stated as a complete disaster. The circus started with career threatening injuries such as “strep throat” and hamstring issues and continued to off the field drama about joining the CIA and issues with his agent. Hillis was very underwhelming for fantasy owners that spent a high pick on him last year

ESPN Fantasy Football Convention

ESPN Fantasy Football Convention Recap

Last Saturday I was able to attend the ESPN Fantasy Football Convention in Chicago.
This was my second year attending the convention and I must say it is quite the spectacle. To see the ESPN guests and on air personalities was great, but the sheer number of people that attended was impressive. There were close to 900 people in attendance this year, and according to the sign in estimates almost 200 were women. To have almost 25% women was very surprising. It just goes to show how popular fantasy football has become. By all accounts from the people at ESPN, that makes Chicago one of, if not the largest fantasy football conventions in the country.

Mathew Stafford

Mathew Stafford ESPN MNF Commercial

Monday Night Football, in a way, can be a boys club where only the cool kids get to hang out. With little variety to scheduling, it’s not unheard of to see teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore hog up all the prime-time slots each and every year. Ratings are the most important aspect to selling advertising space, so it does makes sense that networks would be picky, even snobbish to some of the sub par teams in the league.

5 Undervalued FF WR

5 Undervalued Fantasy Football Receivers

When rookies like A.J. Green and Julio Jones come into the league and are so productive, we tend to look at the new breed of talent more than we should. Still, with veterans like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens still in the league, it’s obvious that skill will always be the ultimate factor. The following undervalued fantasy football receivers are currently low on ranking boards, and I suggest you give them a second look.

NFL Predictions

2012 NFL Predictions: Fantasy Studs and Duds

Gridiron Experts is going to take a stab at the unknown by making some bold predictions towards the upcoming NFL season. We have started off with fantasy studs and duds but do have a article brewing about team wins coming later this week. Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below for your own picks.

Randall Cobb

Randall Cobb Fantasy 2012

The Green Bay Packers are being touted as one of the number 1 contenders in the 2012 season, and with the third best passing offense in 2011 (averaging 307.8 yards per game) there are plenty of reasons to be high on the Packers players as fantasy options. Aaron Rodgers and crew are playing the league’s second easiest schedule in 2012, playing only seven teams that had at least 9 wins last year.


Maurice Jones-Drama

Since 1980 there have been a handful of big-time running back hold outs. Going into researching this story I thought I knew what the answer was going to be – a lack of production from the running back the year of his holdout. Historically that has not been exactly true.

Jacquizz Rodgers

Atlanta Falcons Fantasy RB Report

The NFL continues to change more into a pass heavy league every year, and the Falcons are expected to be one of the front runners for 2012. The running backs will most likely be more involved in the passing game than ever before. Three great running backs on this roster that will help your fantasy teams, but who will be the one to target in your upcoming drafts?