01 Mar 2017

Can Todd Gurley Overcome His Sophomore Slump?

Todd Gurley Fantasy 2017 Rebound? Todd Gurley was selected with the 10th overall pick of the 2015 NFL draft, even though he had torn his ACL in November 2014, during what would become the final game of his collegiate career. While uncertainty existed concerning when he would be healthy enough

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04 Oct 2016

Start’Em Sit’Em Week 5

Here are my Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em recommendations for Week 5. As always, no space will be devoted to elite players that you should already be planning to deploy. Instead, the focus will remain on the Start and Sit options that are more uncertain. Enjoy the games, and good luck this week.

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01 Sep 2016

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Maximizing Your Upside

We’re into the thick of Fantasy Football draft season so I wanted to jot down some quick tips on how to best set yourself up to win your league on draft day. Of course, leagues aren’t won or lost during the draft, but they can give you a nice head start if you maximize your upside.

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23 Aug 2016

10 Fantasy Players Whose ADPS Are Likely To Rise And Fall

Congratulations! You have persevered through these excruciating months without football. While free agency, the NFL Draft, OTAs, mini-camps, and the opening of training camps helped during the void, what we really want is for Week 1 of the regular season to begin. As that anticipation of true football bliss continues, we have now undergone a welcome shift toward having actual preseason activity from which to shape our analysis.

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Tom Brady Fantasy
08 Aug 2016

Where to Draft Tom Brady in Fantasy Football 2016

The Ultimate strategy for drafting Tom Brady. Find out what the strategies are and how to implement them for your upcoming draft.

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06 Aug 2016

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Patience Pays With Tight Ends

We’ve all been there, you need a Tight End and decide to target one in the middle round of your fantasy football draft. You’re about seven to eight picks away from being on the clock when suddenly, one comes off the board, then another. Before you know it, league mates panic and a trend is born. Tight Ends are now flying off the board leaving you to regret not taking one around earlier. It’s a yearly sighting at nearly every fantasy football draft, and so many times it pressures owners to reach for a player when they otherwise wouldn’t.

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26 Jul 2016

DeAndre Hopkins vs A.J. Green: Who Should You Draft First?

Your fantasy draft is underway, and you are about to make your first pick. You have decided to select a wide receiver. Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., and Julio Jones have all been taken. You have determined that your best available option is either DeAndre Hopkins, or A.J. Green. But you need to make a choice between the two Pro Bowlers, and precious seconds are being confiscated by an unforgiving time clock. Who should you select… Hopkins or Green?

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11 Jul 2016

Can The Zero WR Strategy Work In A Zero RB World?

Everyone has their own fantasy football strategies, thoughts, and opinions when it comes to fantasy football and the highly anticipated draft day that comes each year. Each approach is different and can either make or break a fantasy season. Of course trades and waiver wire pickups help along the way, but the draft is where you build the foundation of your team. Among those said strategies is the trending and very popular “Zero RB” strategy.

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Streaming Defenses Week 3
06 Jul 2016

When to Draft a Defense in Fantasy Football: Seriously, It’s Not Last

Now days there are all sorts of rules out there that declare they will help you draft a winning fantasy football team. But in what dates all the way back to the paper and pencil days of fantasy football, there have been two long-standing rules that have an extreme following in regards to how to approach your fantasy drafts…

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05 Jul 2016

2QB Draft Strategy: Differences in Draft Slots (1-6, 7-12)

One of the growing areas of the fantasy football industry is the inclusion of a second quarterback in starting lineup options – whether this be a mandatory second quarterback or, more commonly, a Super Flex option, where the quarterback can be used or an additional running back, wide receiver or tight end may be selected if a quarterback is not available or desirable

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