24 Aug 2017

7 Fantasy Football Tips on Evaluating Who To Keep

In the world of fantasy football, there’s obviously so many different types of fantasy leagues that it can be hard to pick a favorite. For me, a personal favorite has to be two or three-player keeper leagues. While these keeper leagues are done in many different ways, today we’re going to take a look at the type of league where you have to give up the pick from the year before in order to keep that specific player.

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Fantasy Football
21 Oct 2016

Fantasy Football Advice: The “Self-Evaluation”

Fantasy Football Advice: Enough time has now passed for you to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. You know who your go-to fantasy starters are, and have a weekly trusted core of guys….

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06 Sep 2016

Gridiron 3X: Top Projected DraftKings Plays Week 1

If you’re playing cash games on DraftKings, then your goal for each player on your roster should be to score three times his salary. For example, Adrian Peterson is $7,600 on DraftKings this week. For Peterson to score three times his salary, he would need to produce 22.8 points (7.600 x 3).

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Josh Gordon Fantasy
18 Aug 2016

Fantasy Football Advice: Don’t Fall Victim To The Hype Train

We’re going to define some sources of hype so that you can get off the tracks in time to avoid getting bowled over by the hype train.

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22 Apr 2016

Overcoming Early Fantasy Football ADP Impressions

Our brains are wired to make quick subconscious judgements within nanoseconds and it takes a lot of time and proof to overturn our initial reactions to people and situations. Sometimes those judgments come in handy like when a ball is flying at your head, but sometimes those reactions create a false bias that takes a long time to overturn. Here are some players that can offer up some nice value because of some poor early impressions that are suppressing their ADPs.

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Fantasy Monster Article Members Only
01 Aug 2015

Fantasy Football Monster: Draft Advice, ADP & True Value

Gridiron Experts staff has joined together to answer some tough fantasy football questions for our members in an exclusive three piece premium feature. Each “Monster article” is over 6,000 words of fantasy insider content. In each article the Gridiron Experts staff are asked five tough fantasy football questions. Get all their years of experience in one monster source. There are three monster articles in this series: Fantasy Advice, Sleepers and Busts.

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Fantasy Football Strategy
02 Dec 2014

10 Fantasy Football Playoff Tips

The wait for the fantasy football playoffs is just about over. Only the top tier of teams make it to this level and there is cause for celebration if you are one of them. However, your work is not done.

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13 Nov 2014

5 Playoff Push Fantasy Football Tips

Week eleven of the NFL season is now upon us. It feels like just last week we were sitting on our laptops drafting championship teams. Whether the team you built is first or last, the fantasy football playoffs are almost here. Here are five tips that will help you make a “playoff push.”

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16 Sep 2014

Waiver Wire Advice: The Casualties of Fantasy in 2014

Things are going to get worse before they get better. We are seeing more big names go down with injuries, and the bye weeks haven’t even started to disrupt our lineups. Check out Mike Rigz’s waiver wire advice article

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08 Sep 2014

Fantasy Advice: Keep Calm and Carry On

If you think that every NFL weekend will be an explosion of fantasy points you either haven’t been playing fantasy football long enough or have been playing too much Madden this summer.

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