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Fantasy Football Dilemma: ADP Poll and Debate

Mock drafts are in full effect and die-hard fantasy owners are beginning to perfect their boards. With time inching closer and closer to the start of training camp, some of the tougher ADP picks are making for tough decisions. Until pre-season and training camp gives us a better understanding to where players fit in, we are stuck in key areas of our mocks and or drafts. For this article, lets poll and discuss some of this years tougher fantasy draft pick decisions that are slowing people up. For these examples, the latest ADP was used from fantasy football calculator.

Tim Tebow

Manning Backs up Tim Tebow in NY Media’s Eye

Mid-game praying? Charitable acts? CELEBACY? I must be talking about the Pope’s recent trip to Mexico. Definitely not one of the most popular NFL quarterbacks in the league. In fact it is the New York Jets Tim Tebow, the most talked about passer in the New York area. He is not even their starter however, he is backing up the much maligned, much talked about, and much more photographed former USC Trojan, Mark Sanchez.