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Fantasy Stock Watch: What To Do With Misfiring Studs

The season is now a month old, with instances becoming trends and trends becoming issues. With a quarter of the season gone for most teams, some things are abundantly clear in fantasy football, the dominance of Julio Jones and Antonio Brown at wide receiver for one.

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4 Unpopular Fantasy Football Predictions for 2016

The NFL preseason is underway which can only mean that fantasy drafts are happening daily. Some folks are just cracking open a magazine for the first time this season, while others are tinkering with their rankings over a cup of coffee for the umpteenth time. During your brief or thorough research process, you really start to develop opinions on players and philosophies. It starts as cautious optimism, but can quickly turn into stubborn passion. These thoughts coming to fruition or failing miserably will represent the difference between hosting fantasy football gold at season’s end or becoming the basement dweller in your league of record. I’m no different and I have a couple of thoughts of my own on how this season will shake out, and with Gridiron Experts about to launch a serious of prediction articles in the coming weeks, I just couldn’t wait.

Contract Year Fantasy Football Players

5 Contract Year Fantasy Players to Target 2016

Say all you want about NFL players striving to win the big game and a hand full of Super Bowl rings at the end of the day most players are just looking to get paid. This can have a tremendous impact on their fantasy production. The following are five contract year fantasy stars to target in 2016.

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Overcoming Early Fantasy Football ADP Impressions

Our brains are wired to make quick subconscious judgements within nanoseconds and it takes a lot of time and proof to overturn our initial reactions to people and situations. Sometimes those judgments come in handy like when a ball is flying at your head, but sometimes those reactions create a false bias that takes a long time to overturn. Here are some players that can offer up some nice value because of some poor early impressions that are suppressing their ADPs.

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Fantasy Rookie Recap: First-Year Studs

We may have been spoiled by fantasy rookie quarterbacks in 2012, but 2013 brought a spoil of rookie running backs to compensate for the lack of depth at the position entering our drafts. Rookies that ended up being steals in the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds won’t be on the board much past Round 2 in 2014.