Brandin Cooks

Brandin Cooks Takes Aim at a Top 5 Season

Back in 2014 I predicted Brandin Cooks would be the offensive rookie of the year. Little did I know my team had landed the wunderkind of that draft class, Odell Beckham, while Cooks quietly settled in as an afterthought behind a slew of 2014 rookie sensations. I may have been overzealous about Cooks’ rookie ceiling, but his NFL peak still stands to reach new heights. Coming off a sophomore campaign in which he caught 84 receptions for 1,138 yards and 9 TDs, Brandin Cooks is about to hit the third year stride we used to judge receivers on (before 2014 broke the mold).

Fantasy Saints Offense

Fantasy Breakdown: Deciphering The New Orleans Saints Offense

Quarterbacks in fantasy football are a widely controversial topic as a whole. From conversations of them being overvalued as starters, or that the position is just too deep to care about wasting an early pick in your fantasy draft, the debates are endless and tiring. There are, however, a few quarterbacks in the NFL that put these debates to rest. Names like Brady, Rodgers, and Brees have managed to put up elite and consistent numbers over the years that have left fantasy owners giddy. With this said, these different elite-QB led offenses offer different fantasy results in regards to the consistency of their wide receivers.

lesean mccoy

Overcoming Early Fantasy Football ADP Impressions

Our brains are wired to make quick subconscious judgements within nanoseconds and it takes a lot of time and proof to overturn our initial reactions to people and situations. Sometimes those judgments come in handy like when a ball is flying at your head, but sometimes those reactions create a false bias that takes a long time to overturn. Here are some players that can offer up some nice value because of some poor early impressions that are suppressing their ADPs.