Tight End Draft Tips

Fantasy Draft Tips: The Three Tight End Technique

WRs will continue to be an integral part of every roster, but at some point, you may be better off taking a shot on an extra TE than continue to hunt WRs that have a lower success rate. You want to be a trend-setter, not follow in the back of the herd. When you fall in line with what everyone is doing, exceptional results will require more luck.


Fantasy Football Strategy: Building a Juggernaut

For me, I do not play just to squeak into playoffs and hope for the best. I play to crush my opponents every week and end the year as the overall total points champion before lifting my league trophy. I want to have the team everyone knows they don’t have a chance to beat. Every league I am in, my goal is not to make playoffs and hope, my goal is to build a fantasy football juggernaut!

MFL10 Draft Strategy 2015

MFL10 Draft Strategy 2015

Welcome to best-ball fantasy football, where boom/bust players are kings, depth is key, and goose eggs don’t always matter. Your goal, simply, is to end the season with more points than your 11 opponents.

Dynasty League Draft Strategy

Dynasty League Draft Strategy: Auction Format

This time of year many dynasty league owners are preparing for their rookie drafts and adjusting draft strategies for new dynasty start-ups. Personally, I feel it’s important to develop a draft strategy based around your league’s rules as well as the time of the year your Dynasty League is holding it’s draft.