Streaming Defenses Week 3

When to Draft a Defense in Fantasy Football: Seriously, It’s Not Last

Now days there are all sorts of rules out there that declare they will help you draft a winning fantasy football team. But in what dates all the way back to the paper and pencil days of fantasy football, there have been two long-standing rules that have an extreme following in regards to how to approach your fantasy drafts…

Team Defense

Top Streaming Fantasy Defenses: Week 2

Squeezing the Defense: Top Streaming Options for NFL Week 2 Whether it’s your college re-draft league, your intense dynasty team or daily tournaments, the golden rule in fantasy football is to never break the bank for a defense.

Cam Newton fantasy

Fantasy Momentum: Cam Newton and Panthers

Cam Newton has been impressive during the win streak and looks like the top 5 QB he’s been billed as for the last two years. He’s pretty much the only QB in the NFL that doubles as a goal-line RB and he has a good arm. Cam can score in more ways than any…

IDP Rankings Week 2

IDP Rankings Week 2

In this installment of Gridiron Experts IDP talk, we’ll take a look at who did what in week one and examine their long-term value.