31 Oct 2016

NFL Hot Seat: 5 Potential Coaching Candidates

Round and Round the Carousel Goes It’s that time again, the time of year that brings all the armchair analysts together: coaching hot seat speculation season! No NFL campaign would be complete without weighing the odds of who is and isn’t on the verge of unemployment; it’s the football personnel

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14 Oct 2016

Colin Kaepernick: A Potential Gold Rush in Santa Clara?

This Sunday will mark the not so triumphant return of Colin Kaepernick. It has been a long and controversial road that makes deflate gate look like a snooze fest. He is the most talked about backup since Tim Tebow and the most athletically gifted

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30 Jun 2016

Fantasy Football Productivity Based on Offensive Output

When it comes to fantasy football productivity, the following four position groups should be ranked high on your board, as potential opportunities it will present themselves as these players are in a postion for success.

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Chip Kelly
30 Dec 2015

Chip Kelly Fired: Sam Bradford Likely Next?

It’s very easy to point to the mistakes that Chip Kelly made this season after Lurie gave him complete control over player personnel. Overhauling a roster of big name talent without success will likely get anyone fired. But in all reality, should Chip have been given full control?

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17 Aug 2015

Sam Bradford: Perfect System & Pope Blessed Knees?

Nothing summarizes the emotion of this upcoming football season for Philadelphia more than a petition created by a group of Eagles fans to have Pope Francis bless Sam Bradford’s knees.

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Chip Kelly
04 Jun 2015

5 NFL Offenses That Could Boom or Bust in 2015

NFL Boom or Bust in 2015 When we say “boom or bust,” we really mean there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding an NFL team heading into the start of a season. Everyone knows Aaron Rodgers will keep the Green Bay offense humming along in 2015, but most teams don’t come with that kind of pedigree of

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11 Mar 2015

Video Breakdown: Every Sam Bradford Throw Over 15 Yards

Video Breakdown: Every Sam Bradford Throw Over 15 Yards. If you’re a football fan with a pulse, you’ve heard about the Jimmy Graham trade to Seattle and the shocking Sam Bradford trade to Philly from Tuesday. Rumored free agent deals were in the works for days, but no major hints of any sort of

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Streaming Defenses
03 Sep 2014

Top Streaming Fantasy Defenses Week One

As the most volatile position in fantasy football, nearly every defense in the league is a viable starting option for a given week. In daily fantasy, creating new rosters and therefore selecting new defenses is the name of the game.

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15 Aug 2014

Jeremy Maclin Fantasy Gem or Injury Risk?

Jeremy Maclin is sitting out Thursday’s practice and considered “unlikely” to play in the Eagles’ second preseason game against the New England Patriots.

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09 Jul 2014

NFL Division Odds: It’s Never Too Early!

One the easiest predictions for me last season came with the signing of Chip Kelly in Philadelphia. I am a diehard Eagles fan and have been following the Oregon Ducks for about 8 years. I watched the entire Chip Kelly era in Oregon and knew he was going to be successful going from one bird to another.

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