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Super Bowl Party Poker Game

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Super Bowl Card GameSuper Bowl Party Poker Game

“Deflated Balls” may be this years Super Bowl joke and even funny prop bet for Sunday’s game but in a match-up that features the NFL’s top two defenses, the average fan is struggling to find a favorite to cheer for.

Both the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots rank high in many defensive categories, including points scored allowed and 4th quarter defense. Fans are hoping for an entertaining shoot-out yet despite linemakers predicting the total points for the game at 48 (over/under) , it could be somewhat defensive. We’ve all heard the expression “Defense wins championships”, so both coaching staffs will have to sharpen their pencils if they want to find ways in scoring points for this Sunday’s match-up. Whoever wins Super Bowl XLVI, we can all agree a more competitive and entertaining game would be an upgrade from last years beat down. Let’s all hope for a great game from start to finish.

Super Bowl Party Poker Game

Gear up for Super Bowl XLIX at NFLShop.comIf you’re looking for a way to make the Super Bowl a little more exciting, you’ve got to check this game out. Gridiron Experts has a Super Bowl party poker game that is fun for all, and we’d love to share it with you.

This game can be customized to playing for fun, drinks, or some big bucks.

What you’ll need: A deck of cards (maybe two decks if you have more than 6 people playing). Make sure you pick a deck that has room to write on the cards.

Object of the Game: To score the most points from kickoff to the last play of the game.

Prep work: You’ll need to do a little work before you can play, but it’s worth it. Find a deck of cards that has room to write on each card. Then assign each card with a different situation that could happen during the game. This game is totally customizable, you can add or replace the suggested actions from the example below.

Rules: Every person is dealt 5 cards. Each time the scenario on the player’s card happens in the game, he or she calls it out and places the card face up on the table. That player scores their points and picks up another card from the pile.

At a commercial break, all scored cards played are picked up and added back into the pile, keep total points along the way. The deck is then shuffled. From there, all players can “draw” (replace) up to 3 new cards from the their hand. Players should have 5 in their hand at all times.

Super Bowl Party Game Chart Example:

Just write these actions onto a deck of cards





A– Brady completes a pass (1 point) A– Pats Challenge a play (5 points) A– Wilson Completes a pass (1 point) A– Hawks Challenge a play (5 points)
2– Patriots first down(1 point) 2– Patriots first down(1 point) 2– Seahawks first down (1 point) 2– Seahawks first down (1 point)
3– Patriots FG (3 points) 3– Brady 1st down Throw ( 1 points) 3– Seahawks FG (3 points) 3– R.Wilson 1st down Throw & Comp. (1 points)
4– Wilson sacked (2 points) 4– Gronk 7+ yard catch (2 points) 4– Brady sacked (2 points) 4– D.Baldwin 10+ yard catch (2 points)
5– Wilson INT (3 points) 5– J. Edelman 7+ yard catch (2 point) 5– Brady INT (3 point) 5– M.Lynch 7+ yard catch (2 point)
6– Blount Rushing TD (6 points) 6– J. Edelman 7+ yard catch (2 points) 6– Lynch Rushing TD (6 points) 6– Kearse 7+ yard catch (2 points)
7– Vereen TD (6 points) 7– Gronk TD (6 points) 7– L.Wilson TD (6 points) 7– M.Lynch TD (6 points)
8– B. LaFell TD (6 points) 8Patrick Chung Tackle (1 points) 8– R.Sherman INT (4 points) 8– J.Kearse TD (6 points)
9– Brady throws TD (3 points) 9– Brady throws 10+ yard comp. (2 points) 9– R.Wilson throws TD (4 points) 9– R.Wilson throws 10+ yard comp. (2 points)
10– Blount runs 10+ yards (3 point) 10– Brady throws 15+ comp. (4 point) 10– R.Wilson runs 10+ yards (2 point) 10– R.Wilson throws 15+ comp. (4 point)
Jack– Patriots Force 3 & Out (1 point) Jack– Brady 30+ yard comp. (6 point) Jack– Seahawks Force 3 & Out (1 point) Jack– Wilson 10+ yard run (1 point)
Queen– *Gold Digger Queen– *Gold Digger Queen– *Gold Digger Queen– *Gold Digger
King– Vereen 10+ yards (2 points) King– Brady TD (6 points) King–  G.Tate 10+ yards (2 points) King–  Any Seahawk TE/FB TD (6 points)

*Gold Digger Card– This is exactly what it sounds like: when a player calls out that they have a card that represents something that happened on the field, the Gold Digger card can be used to steal half their points. If multiple people call out cards from an event that happened on the field (ie: passing TD, player A has the QB and player B has the WR) the Gold Digger can only pick one player to take half their points from, unless he/she has two Gold Digger cards. A player can hold onto the Gold Digger card for as long as he or she wants to before playing it.

  • Multiple cards can be played at once, ie: Brady 40 yard TD pass to Gronk
  • A player has until the next snap in the game to play their card before it’s too late, if they don’t call it out the points are not awarded.
  • For best results, assign one player as Dealer and one player as Score Keeper.


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