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Super Bowl Odds and Pick

Super Bowl Odds and Pick

The Fantasy Football season is coming to an end and a lot of people are starting to look at Daily Fantasy Sports or Sports Betting to keep their weekends fun and exciting. Humblebrag, but I went 14-2 Against the spread last week, easily my best weekend of the year. But for this article, I wanted to talk about getting in on some Super Bowl future odds before it’s too late.

Team Current Odds Opening Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +400 +600
Green Bay Packers +400 +900
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750 +1000
Los Angeles Rams +800 +1200
Buffalo Bills +900 +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1000 +2500
New England Patriots +1400 +3000
Indianapolis Colts +1600 +2500
Tennessee Titans +2000 +2500
Arizona Cardinals +2000 +4000
Cincinnati Bengals +2800 +8000
San Francisco 49ers +3300 +1600
Los Angeles Chargers +5000 +3000
Baltimore Ravens +5000 +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +6500 +5000
Miami Dolphins +8000 +2500

I pulled these SuperBowl Odds from OddsShark, they always seem to have the latest up-to-date odds on NFL Futures. Currently, the Chiefs and Packers are the favorites to meet at SoFi Stadium on February 13, 2022. But we all know that nothing ever goes according to plan. The Packers were heavy favorites last year but were upset at home against the Bucs in the NFC conference round.

With the recent injuries to the Buccaneers’ offense, I don’t have a lot of confidence that they will return to the big dance in 2022. Despite having a strong season, the team is missing some valuable weapons for Tom Brady, not to mention a couple of defensive studs like Lavonte David and Shaquil Barrett. While Barrett should be back for the playoffs, I don’t feel this is the same dominant defense from a season ago.

The Los Angeles Rams have been hitting stride lately, but if you had asked me a couple of weeks ago if this team could go all the way, I would have said no. The three-game losing skid in November against quality opponents showed this team can be beaten. They lost to the Titans (28-16), 49ers (31-10) and Packers (36-28). Except for a home win over the Buccaneers early in the season, I haven’t been that impressed with the Rams. I’m not sure why I don’t like an 11-4 team with superstars on both sides of the ball, I just feel like if this dome team had to go to play the Packers in Lambeau Field, they wouldn’t stand a chance. For that reason, I’m out on the Rams to win Super Bowl LVI.

In terms of value, the New England Patriots seem like a great team to bet on now at +1400. After back-to-back losses to the Colts and Bills, the hype has come down, and the odds have gotten better. I feel like if you were kicking yourself for not getting in on the Pats to win the Super Bowl, you just got a second chance. Are they a complete team? – No. But the Pats are relentless in the playoffs in finding ways to win.

My Safe Pick

I got in on the Packers a few weeks ago when the odds were +650, and even though the odds have dropped I still really like them at +400. This team is stronger than the squad they had last year. While I am a little concerned about their defense, I think they are easy favorites to coast through the postseason and represent the NFC at Super Bowl LVI.

My Dart Throw Pick

The Dallas Cowboys +1000. I can’t remember the last time the Cowboys looked this good on both sides of the ball. Dak is healthy and playing great. He has so many weapons on offense and with Kellen Moore calling plays, this team should have no problem putting up points in the postseason. The Cowboys defense has DROYL candidate Micah Parsons not to mention a slew of other elite playmakers that know how to cause havoc. My only concern with the Cowboys is their amazing ability to implode. This franchise seems cursed in the postseason and always finds ways to choke. If they can get out of their own way, the Cowboys have a legit chance at Super Bowl LVI.

These odds are subject to change


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