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Super Bowl LVIII Future Matchups

Josh Allen

The Dallas Cowboys, the NFC East Champs, and the second seed going into the NFL playoffs, suffered a surprise loss to the Green Bay Packers in an unexpected defeat at the hands of the underdog seventh seed. Expected to be a straightforward victory for the higher-ranked Cowboys who were 7.5 favorites, the game turned into a historic upset that shocked the football world.

The Cowboys, known for their storied history and passionate fan base, had high hopes of making a deep playoff run and perhaps clinching another Super Bowl title. However, fate had other plans as they squared off against a resilient seventh-seeded team that had fought tooth and nail to secure their spot in the postseason.

The NFL Playoffs have been exciting yet less predictable than in years past. That is why now might be a good time to take a look at some NFL betting odds and Super Bowl Matchup odds for a big payout

Super Bowl LVIII Matchups Odds

  • 49ers to beat Ravens +450
  • Ravens to beat 49ers +475
  • 49ers to beat Bills +750
  • Bills to beat 49ers +800
  • Chiefs to beat 49ers +1000
  • 49ers to beat Chiefs +1000
  • Ravens to beat Lions +1400
  • Lions to beat Ravens +1800
  • Bills to beat Lions +2200
  • Lions to beat Bills +2200
  • Chiefs to beat Lions +3000
  • 49ers to beat Texans +3300
  • Ravens to beat Packers +3500
  • Ravens to beat Bucs +3500
  • Lions to beat Chiefs +3500
  • Texans to beat 49ers +4000
  • Bills to beat Packers +5000
  • Bills to beat Bucs +5000
  • Packers to beat Ravens +5000
  • Chiefs to beat Packers +7500
  • Chiefs to beat Bucs +7500
  • More combos from +7500 to +300000

The most obvious Super Bowl matchup is the top seeds in the AFC and NFC meeting for Super Bowl LVIII this year. But after getting three upsets in the Wildcard round (Texans, Packers Bucs) this feels like a whacky year. One that we could take advantage of.

The Packers going on the road and handling the Cowboys so easily makes me wonder if they could do the same against the 49ers this week. The Texans also looked pretty good against the Cleveland Browns, one of the leagues best defenses in the NFL

My Picks


Ravens to beat Packers +3500

I’m not breaking the bank on these long-shot bets. However, I do like the idea of a Cinderella team making it to the Super Bowl this year. If the Packers can get past the 49ers, they would potentially face the Lions, a division rival they know very well. The Packers lost their first matchup to the Lions in week 4, early in the season, but won 29-22 in Detriot week 12 when the team was peaking for a playoff run. Obviously, getting past the 49ers first would not be easy, but I was very impressed with Jordan Love and company last week.


Bills to beat 49ers +800

The odds aren’t as huge as my first pick, but I feel this is a very possible matchup. The Ravens had some convincing wins late in the season beating the Rams, 49ers, and Dolphins but I wonder how they would match up against a quarterback like Josh Allen. The Ravens didn’t face a mobile QB all season and anything could happen in the AFC Championship.

If you want to get crazy and buy into both scenarios, the Bills beating the Packers at +5000 would be a huge bragging wager to end of the NFL Season. Check out our NFL Picks Here.


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