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Super Bowl LVII Matchup Odds

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Super Bowl Matchup LVII Odds

  • Eagles to beat Bills +1400
  • Eagles to beat Chiefs +1200
  • Eagles to beat Bengals +2500
  • Eagles to beat Jaguars +5500
  • 49ers to beat Bills +1400
  • 49ers to beat Chiefs +1300
  • 49ers to beat Bengals +2500
  • 49ers to beat Jaguars +6000
  • Cowboys to beat Bills +2800
  • Cowboys to beat Chiefs +2500
  • Cowboys to beat Bengals +5000
  • Cowboys to beat Jaguars +10000
  • Giants to beat Bills +8000
  • Giants to beat Chiefs +7000
  • Giants to beat Bengals +15000
  • Giants to beat Jaguars +30000

Super Bowl Matchup LVII Odds

  • Bills to beat Cowboys +1600
  • Bills to beat 49ers +1000
  • Bills to beat Eagles +900
  • Bills to beat Giants +4000
  • Chiefs to beat Cowboys +1600
  • Chiefs to beat 49ers +1000
  • Chiefs to beat Eagles +850
  • Chiefs to beat Giants +4000
  • Bengals to beat Cowboys +4000
  • Bengals to beat 49ers +2500
  • Bengals to beat Eagles +2500
  • Bengals to beat Giants +10000
  • Jaguars to beat Cowboys +15000
  • Jaguars to beat 49ers +11000
  • Jaguars to beat Eagles +9000
  • Jaguars to beat Giants +30000

NFL Super Bowl Matchup Odds

While football fans may be quick to search for a sportsbook to get in on some of these long-shot underdog odds, I think it’s important to keep things in perspective. In order for a team like the Jaguars, Giants, or Cowboys to win Super Bowl LVII, they’re going to have to win one week at a time, starting with this weekend.

Cowboys vs. 49ers

This rerun of the 1990s rivalry games was made possible by the Dallas Cowboys’ first playoff victory on the road in thirty years last week. However, both series have seen some aesthetic modifications.

Because he hasn’t had to, Brock Purdy is not Steve Young. The rookie backup Purdy has started seven of the 49ers’ eleven straight victories at quarterback. His wide range of alternatives, including tight end George Kittle, running back Christian McCaffrey, and wide receiver Deebo Samuel, are swift and difficult to stop and gain yards after the catch.

But after both teams utterly destroyed their opponents in the wild-card round, neither club will be able to go on an offensive tear in this game. The market has set the San Francisco as a 3.5-point favorite, which is the closest spread of the weekend. The total of 46 points is also the lowest it has ever been. Micah Parsons of the Cowboys and Nick Bosa of the 49ers are the two top candidates for defensive player of the year, so these quarterbacks should experience more pressure than they have all season.

Although Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott are his running backs, Dak Prescott is the superior quarterback between the two and will need their assistance to keep the 49ers defense on its toes. In games when they gave up 99 or more rushing yards, San Francisco, which is stronger at stopping the pass than the run, finished 2-4. The Cowboys could need to rely on Dalton Schultz and hope that Prescott doesn’t make a disastrous fumble if the 49ers can stop receiver CeeDee Lamb as effectively as other teams have previously. A lot must go right, but Dallas is winning because of it.

Eagles vs. Giants

The Giants thrived on coming back into games when they were behind, scoring four comebacks in the fourth quarter during the regular season. But during the wild-card weekend, when the Giants beat the Vikings and scored four touchdowns, Daniel Jones may have had the best performance (301 throwing yards and 78 rushing yards). The team’s return of defensive starters from injury and their reduction of the Vikings’ big plays contributed significantly to the advantage.

Jalen HurtsThe Eagles and Jalen Hurts, who enter the game rested as a result of last week’s bye, will require the defense to step up that performance. Both of their regular-season encounters saw the Eagles defeat the Giants, but those outcomes are probably not very indicative: The Giants rested their starting lineup in Week 18’s 22-16 loss because they had serious offensive line injuries in the first encounter (Philadelphia won, 48-22).

The team’s record against top-10 defenses was 2-4-1. All but one of those games might have been won; they were all decided by eight points or fewer.

Chiefs vs. Jaguars

The Jaguars have performed at their highest levels when least expected to. The squad won six of its final seven regular-season games to force its way into the playoffs after opening the season with a 3-7 record that put Jacksonville far outside the playoff picture. Trevor Lawrence threw four interceptions in the first half of the wild-card round game against the Chargers, seemingly dooming the Jaguars with a 27-0 hole. The Jaguars, however, fought back to stage one of the greatest comebacks in postseason history.

According to that reasoning, the underdog Jaguars might put on another show when they play top-seeded Kansas City, whose regular-season offensive was the best in the NFL., in a game they are not supposed to win. Kansas City has been so strong that it has consistently laid large amounts and won many of the games it failed to cover. They have a 1-7-1 against the spread record in their previous nine home games. That may be a result of the market awarding them an excessive number of points for home-field advantage. It might also be a result of a defense that loves to play aggressively when it has a big lead.

Bills vs. Bengals

In this rematch of the Week 17 game that was postponed due to Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest in the middle of the game, the Bills ought to be playing on emotion. According to reports, Hamlin will watch the Bills’ game from the sidelines for the first time, which might significantly enhance team morale.

Since losing Von Miller to a knee injury in November, Buffalo’s defense hasn’t been as powerful, and they’ve been forced to blitz more often than they probably want to. Miami took advantage of Buffalo’s secondary, as the tandem of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle gained 113 yards on 10 catches. Imagine what Burrow can accomplish with Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, and Ja’Marr Chase spreading the field if Skylar Thompson is capable of doing that.


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