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NFL Super Bowl LV Odds (2021)

2021 NFL Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl LV Odds

Now that SuperBowl LIV is in the books, Sportsbooks hope to catch some sports bettors with leftover money still in their pockets with early Super Bowl LV odds. Over the years, Gridiron Experts has taken the time to feature Super Bowl odds articles throughout the NFL offseason for a few reasons. One is to feature these articles as a mini snapshot to the progression of the odds, the other is to create content for the long offseason. As mentioned in the latest article on ladpromo, there are benefits to getting in on odds.

Last year, almost a year to the day, we featured an article on Super Bowl LIV odds. In this article, the Kansas City Chiefs were +800, while the San Francisco 49ers were +4500. Obviously that would have been a better story if the 49ers could have held their 10 point lead in the Super Bowl. Still, I’m sure 49ers odds to win the NFC  were very good. My point is there is never a bad time to look at future NFL Odds.

Super Bowl 2021 Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +400 12-4
Baltimore Ravens +650 14-2
San Francisco 49ers +750 13-3
New England Patriots +800 12-4
New Orleans Saints +1500 13-3
Pittsburgh Steelers +1800 8-8
Dallas Cowboys +2000 8-8
LA Chargers +2500 5-11
Green Bay Packers +2500 13-3
Seattle Seahawks +2500 11-5
Philadelphia Eagles +2500 9-7
LA Rams +3000 9-7
Cleveland Browns +3000 6-10
Minnesota Vikings +3000 10-6
Las Vegas Raiders +3000 7-9
Indianapolis Colts +3500 7-9
Tennessee Titans +3500 9-7
Houston Texans +3500 10-6
Chicago Bears +4000 8-8
Atlanta Falcons +4000 7-9
Buffalo Bills +4000 10-6
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4500 7-9
Denver Broncos +5000 7-9
Carolina Panthers +6600 5-11
New York Giants +6600 4-12
New York Jets +7000 7-9
Detroit Lions +8000 3-12-1
Arizona Cardinals +8500 5-10-1
Jacksonville Jaguars +10000 6-10
Cincinnati Bengals +10000 2-14
Miami Dolphins +12500 5-11
Washington Redskins +15000 3-13

These early odds do come with a few questions. For starters, when was the last time you saw Super Bowl Odds without the Patriots as a top three favorite. The Pats at +800 are quite a bargain, as we’ve learned from this team over the past decade, you should never count them out. It should be an interesting offseason. The latest rumors are Tom Brady could be wearing a different uniform in 2020. While I don’t believe that for a second, a lot of high profile players are free agents this offseason making old favorites less trustworthy.

The LA Chargers should catch your eye. The 5-11 Chargers who had a losing record in 2019 are rumored to be walking away from Philip Rivers yet appear to have better odds than most recent playoff teams. Is this bait? Do sportsbooks know something we don’t know? Seems odd.

The Vikings seem to be getting disrespected in these first edition Super Bowl LV odds. Most fans would say that’s nothing new, but considering the Vikings went into New Orleans and upset the Saints in the playoffs, I would expect them to be further up the list. The Vikings have the 25th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft but are in a terrible cap situation. They currently have the least amount of cap space and will likely have to trim the fat this offseason.

I think my pick this early on is the Seahawks at +2500. They have the 7th most NFL cap space heading into the offseason and have an extra second-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. That with the very young roster teamed up with always in the running MVP candidate Russell Wilson and I think they make my early Super Bowl best bet.


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