Super Bowl 51 Odds: Steelers Better Odds than Panthers?

2016 NFL Odds

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The day after the Super Bowl is the longest point of time between no football and the start of the new season. For some of you, the time off is welcomed. Fans of teams that were plagued with injuries and heart breaking losses are looking for a little break. Yet despite any 2015 frustration, NFL fans are excited about the turning of the new calendar football year in hopes of a fresh start.

A new NFL season is always kicked off with early Super Bowl Odds, as sportsbooks try to lure you to spend a little of your Super Bowl winnings before switching to other sports like college basketball. It could be me, but it seems that every year gambling in the USA gets a little less strict with the rules. New sites that offer casino games with paypal deposits are a good example of change along with possibly the black cloud that hung over daily fantasy sports starting to fade away.

Nevertheless, the 2016 Super Bowl 51 odds are out, and I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see the New England Patriots as the heavy favorite. The Pat’s are always in it, and for Sportsbooks to place them anywhere else would just be ridiculous.

    Super Bowl 51 Odds

  • New England Patriots + 700
  • Seattle Seahawks + 1000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers + 1000
  • Green Bay Packers + 1000
  • Carolina Panthers + 1100
  • Dallas Cowboys + 1400
  • Denver Broncos + 1400
  • Arizona Cardinals + 1600
  • Indianapolis Colts + 2000
  • Cincinnati Bengals + 2200
  • Kansas City Chiefs + 2500
  • Minnesota Vikings + 2500
  • Baltimore Ravens + 3300
  • Atlanta Falcons + 4000
  • Detroit Lions + 4000
  • New Orleans Saints + 4000
  • New York Giants + 4000
  • Philadelphia Eagles + 4000
  • Chicago Bears + 4000
  • Houston Texans + 4000
  • Buffalo Bills + 4000
  • New York Jets + 4000
  • Los Angeles Rams + 5000
  • San Diego Chargers + 5000
  • San Francisco 49ers + 5000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers + 5000
  • Washington Redskins + 5000
  • Miami Dolphins + 6600
  • Jacksonville Jaguars + 6600
  • Oakland Raiders + 6600
  • Tennessee Titans + 6600
  • Cleveland Browns + 15000

The Seahawks, Packers, Panthers and Cardinals all had strong runs in the NFC and it makes sense for them to crack the top 10. I am however surprised to see the Steelers lumped into the top 3 as heavy favorites for next season at 10 to 1. Don’t get me wrong, I actually had the Steelers as a sleeper team in the AFC to run the table and do still think that if 3rd string RB backup Fitzgerald Toussaint hadn’t fumbled in the 4th quarter the Steelers would have gone on and defeated the Denver Broncos. The Steelers did have a ton of injuries in 2015, but I’m not sure I would have ranked them above the Carolina Panthers.

Last year around this time the Carolina Panthers had 20 to 1 odds to win the Super Bowl 50. Days after the Patriots beats the Seahawks in Super 49 and before NFL free agency and the NFL draft, Super Bowl odds were released that had the dominating Panthers actually +2000. Getting in on early does pay off yet I’m sure there are a few fans who took that bet and are still in disbelief over this past weekends Super Bowl results.

If I had to make a long shot bet today, you’d be hard pressed not to think the Cincinnati Bengals or Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t follow the Panthers lead by building off their strong 2015 campaigns. Both the Bengals and Chiefs at one point in the season looked like they each had everything needed to make a long run in the post season. With a great draft, a couple free agent pickups either team could be challenging the Patriots in the post season to represent the AFC at NRG Stadium in Houston for Super Bowl 51.

As for the NFC, the Vikings are temping at 25 to 1, although I still feel they need a few more pieces to help get over the hump. I’m very curious to see what the Dallas Cowboys can do with their high pick in this years NFL draft. Injuries were solely their biggest problem in 2015 and with a healthy squad and a top 5 blue chip rookie prospect the team could be a solid sleeper in 2016.

What are your thoughts and who would you take as a long shot?

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl 51 Odds: Steelers Better Odds than Panthers?”

  1. This is a stupid thing to talk about. No free agency or draft , but yet they post these odds. Just because the Colts have Luck they are 20-1? Are they better than the Raiders who have young stars in Carr , Cooper and Mack to name just a few. They were 7-9 and beat the Broncos at Denver and should of won the other game too. They lost other close games as well. That will change next year, with more experience. Not to mention another good draft and the most $$$ in free agency, players will want to be in Silver and Black. So I thing these odds are hogwash so to speak. No respect , ever.


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