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Streaming Defenses Week 9

Streaming Fantasy Defenses: Week 9

I entered Monday Night Football with the Pittsburgh Steelers defense needing 15 points to win my work league. I watched the Dolphins come out on fire and score 14 quick points which made me think I had no shot. As the game went along, I watched as the Steelers intercepted 2 passes, recovered 2 fumbles, and sacked Ryan Fitzpatrick 4 times. With less than 2 minutes to play, I was watching the game on mute and see the Steelers knock the ball out of Fitzpatrick’s hand and then strip it from the offensive lineman who caught the ball. I see them run into the end zone and I celebrate like Antonio Brown when he was released from the Raiders. Then tragedy strikes and I see the ball going back to the Dolphins and my celebration that I had just won the week dwindles into what I would compare to the feeling Falcons fan had when they let the Patriots come back from a 28-3 deficit.

Fantasy Football Streaming

The game ends and I look at the final score and I lose by less than 2 points. I am heartbroken. I sit here writing this hoping that you were on board with my streaming options from last week. I gave you the Lions Defense (11 points), the Steelers Defense (13 points), Mason Rudolph (17.4 points), and Darren Fells (17.4 points).

Last week’s streaming Defenses we’re a little too safe,  I shouldn’t have taken the easy matchup as the Dolphins actually showed up to play. In a way, streaming fantasy defenses is like a lot like trying to find the best sportsbook. The obvious choice might not be for you. Check out nostrabet which allows you to view the best online bookmakers and decide on the most reliable option that fits your sports betting needs. The NFL season is only at the halfway point, there’s still time to get into the action.

All of these plays could have done the trick to help you get the win in your league and send you into week 9 on a high note. Week 9 will see the Falcons, Bengals, Rams, and Saints on a bye and if you are vying for a playoff spot streaming could be crucial to getting you there.

Streaming Defenses

Dallas Cowboys

33% owned Yahoo/29% owned ESPN

It seems like the Cowboys can’t decide if they want to be a viable fantasy defense or not. They have scored 11 or more points in 3 contests while scoring 6 or less in 4 games. This week’s Monday Night Football matchup gives them a perfect opportunity to put up double digits yet again. Over the last 4 weeks, the Giants have given up 11, 14, 27, and 12. The Cowboys can rush the quarterback and make Daniel Jones uncomfortable. When Jones is uncomfortable, he turns the ball over. The Cowboys will be ready to shine on the road on Monday night.

Carolina Panthers

48% owned Yahoo/50% owned ESPN

Although the Panthers may not currently be available in your league, after waivers process, they may be. The Panthers are fresh off a week where they allowed 51 points to the 49ers and there will be several people that panic and drop them. Prior to the total disaster that was week 8, the Panthers had scored 13 or more in 4 straight games. In week 9, the Panthers will square off with the Tennessee Titans.  The Panthers defense gets to the quarterback regularly and that could cause major problems for Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill only threw for 193 yards last week against a Tampa Bay defense that anyone can throw on. The Panthers are a strong defense and should return to a double-digit fantasy unit.

Streaming Quarterbacks

Sam Darnold

23% owned Yahoo/14% owned ESPN

Sam Darnold FantasyBefore you close this article for just suggesting Sam Darnold as an option, look at his matchup. He gets the sieve that is known as the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins are allowing 23.06 points per game to quarterbacks. We have seen Darnold’s ability to put up numbers and against a team that can’t stop an NFL offense, he should be able to have plenty of success.

Derek Carr

27% owned Yahoo/21% owned ESPN

Derek Carr had a 3 touchdown game last week against the Texans and will see another juicy matchup against the Lions in week 9. The Lions have allowed 21.13 points per game to quarterbacks. We all know Carr is a game manager and has failed to top 300 yards passing in a game this season. However, in 4 of his last 5 games, Carr has thrown for at least 2 touchdowns. Over the last 2 games, Carr is averaging 289 yards passing and has 5 touchdowns. With Carr returning home, he should continue his 2 touchdown streak and has a shot at an 18-20 points effort.

Streaming Tight Ends

Jonnu Smith

19% owned Yahoo/3% owned ESPN

There is obviously a connection between Tannehill and Smith. With the injury to Delanie Walker, Smith should continue to get work. He is vastly under-owned and that will change after waivers. Grab him now as he has shown an ability to be a TE1 and those are hard to come by. Smith should be the security blanket for Tannehill as he is going to be pressured and uncomfortable all day long. Smith has gone over 50 yards in the last 2 games and should see enough volume to reach that mark again.

Darren Fells

20% owned Yahoo/12% owned ESPN

I had Fells in here last week and he put up 17.8 points. The Jaguars are 12th in points allowed to tight ends per game this season. Inserting Fells into your lineup is playing a hot hand in hopes that he stays hot. Watson is going to throw the ball and put up numbers and Fells has been a consistent target. He has caught 5 touchdown passes this season and should continue to be a threat in the red zone.

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