Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names


Seinfeld Team Names

One of the defining television shows of my adolescence and my favorite sitcom of all time is Seinfeld. It aired from 1989 to 1998 and to a large degree shaped how my friends and I spoke and interacted during my high school and college years. To this day, references to the show and random quotes from its 180 episodes are peppered throughout many of my waking hours. The little “show about nothing” was a cultural phenomenon and has held up incredibly well over the years.

But what does this have to do with fantasy football, you ask?!?

Well, Mr. Jerry Seinfeld himself recently celebrated the arrival of Yeonis Cespedes to his beloved New York Mets with a tweet about “a Cespedes for the rest of us”. Like any good fantasy degenerate, that clever play on one of Seinfeld’s more memorable episodes immediately took my mind to funny team names. I wondered how many references to Seinfeld I could come up with by combining what my wife would call an unhealthy ability to quote the show with my love of fantasy football. So, I frantically set out making a list.

I’m honest enough to admit they weren’t all winners (Crazy Joe-mendola?), but below are my top 40 Seinfeld-inspired fantasy football team names for 2015. Whether you’re a huge fan of the show like me or simply someone looking for a little inspiration ahead of the upcoming NFL season, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did writing them.

Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. No Suh for You
  2. Aaron Rodgers Roasters
  3. The Urban Sombreros
  4. Heluuuu (la la la)
  5. These Pretzels are Maclin Me Thirsty (h/t @FFGator)
  6. Sack Lunch
  7. The A. Peterson Catalog
  8. Manning Hands
  9. The Moops
  10. Airing of Revis-es
  11. The Van Buren Boys
  12. Casey Hampton Tomatoes
  13. Real and Spectacular
  14. The Schmoopies
  15. Johnny Manssiere and the Bros
  16. Summer of Eddie George
  17. The Low Talkers
  18. Khalil Mack-inaw Peaches
  19. Spongeworthy
  20. The Dingo Ate Your Brady
  21. Vandelay of Game
  22. Art Monk’s Café
  23. The Wiz (because nobody beats him)
  24. Master of My Domain
  25. Sereni-T.Y. Now
  26. The Kirk Store
  27. Mandelbaum’s Gym
  28. The Marble Ryan
  29. Uncle juLeo
  30. The Human Funchess
  31. Russelle, Russelle: a Young Quarterback’s Journey from Milan to Minsk
  32. The Dez Dispenser
  33. Jon Voight’s Carr
  34. The Ass Man
  35. Bob Sack-a-Romo
  36. It Wasn’t a Pick!
  37. The Panties Your Mother Laid Out for You
  38. Del Boca Vista Condo Association
  39. The Anti-Dentites
  40. Team Shrinkage
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Suggest one, and we’ll add it!

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