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Broncos Double Down Hoping Sean Payton Can Fixed Russell Wilson

Sean Payton

The Gamble Continues

The Denver Broncos made headlines in the offseason when they acquired Russell Wilson in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks. The gamble was that Wilson would bring much-needed stability to the quarterback position for the Broncos, who have struggled to find a franchise quarterback since the retirement of Peyton Manning. However, Wilson’s time with the team has been rocky so far, with the quarterback struggling to find his footing on the field. Wilson had career lows in completion percentage and touchdown passes to go along with his worst-ever QB rating. He was also the most sacked quarterback in the league, tied with Justin Fields with 55 sacks. Denver finished with their most losses in a season since 2010. 

Enter Sean Payton, the highly successful former head coach of the New Orleans Saints who was recently hired by the Broncos to take over as head coach. With Payton’s arrival, many Broncos fans are hopeful that the team’s problems with Wilson can be resolved, and that the quarterback can return to the successful form he showed with the Seahawks. Payton brings a track record of success to the Broncos. During his time with the Saints, Payton helped lead the team to a Super Bowl victory and oversaw one of the most explosive and dynamic offenses in the league. His offensive mind and ability to develop quarterbacks are both highly regarded, and his presence in Denver could be a major boon for Wilson’s development.

Broncos Odds

Early Super Bowl odds have the Denver Broncos at +3300 to win it all. I don’t know about you, but it seems Sean Payton hasn’t really moved the needle in the betting community. You’ve got better odds at casinos that accept PayPal in my opinion. It is a long off-season and Payton’s presence may have some weight in NFL free agency along with the NFL Draft, but the whole the Broncos have dug themselves in seems bleak.

Payton is known for being a highly demanding and detail-oriented coach, who places a strong emphasis on preparation and attention to detail. He has a reputation for pushing his players, and for holding them to high standards in practice and in games. This kind of approach was lacking under Nathaniel Hackett and could be exactly what Wilson needs to get back on track in Denver and to start playing up to his potential on a consistent basis. Wilson did show flashes of his former self last season, leading three game-winning drives in the 4th quarter, but it was hardly enough to justify the cost of the $245 million contract the Broncos gave him.

russell wilsonAnother factor that could play a role in Wilson’s success in Denver is the Broncos’ supporting cast. While Wilson has certainly struggled at times during his time with the team, it’s worth noting that he hasn’t always had the best help around him. The Broncos’ offensive line has been a weak spot for the team in recent years, and injuries to key players, like Javonte Williams and Tim Patrick, have also hurt the team’s overall performance. If the Broncos can shore up their offensive line and give Wilson more time in the pocket, it’s possible that he could start playing like the star quarterback the team was hoping for when they traded for him. However, even with Payton’s arrival in Denver, there’s always the possibility that the team’s issues with Wilson run deeper than just coaching. It’s possible that Wilson simply isn’t a good fit for the Broncos, or that there are other factors at play that are holding him back. If that’s the case, then Payton may not be able to do much to help Wilson succeed, no matter how good a coach he is. 

Drew Brees thinks Payton can be a big help to Wilson. He was quoted as saying, “To me, this is set up to be Russell Wilson’s prime, especially with Sean Payton and a system that’s going to be built around him…This is a great opportunity for Russell Wilson.” Payton had been a stabilizing force for Brees during some of the most challenging moments of his career. In 2006, Brees arrived in New Orleans as a free agent after suffering a devastating shoulder injury the previous year. Many doubted whether he would ever be able to regain his form and lead a team again. But Payton believed in Brees and worked tirelessly to help him recover his confidence and rebuild his skills. The two developed a close working relationship, with Payton pushing Brees to new heights and never losing faith in his ability to lead the team.

I can’t dismiss Wilson’s ten seasons as a top-tier quarterback just because he had one bad one in an unfamiliar system with an untested head coach. The addition of Sean Payton certainly has the potential to help resolve the team’s issues with Russell Wilson’s performance. Payton’s track record of success and his demanding coaching style could be exactly what Wilson needs to get back on track in Denver, and to start playing up to his potential.I think Payton can do the same for Wilson and I expect to see him bounce back in 2023 and have a good season.

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