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Seahawks D/ST: A Fantasy Team’s Secret Weapon?

Seattle Seahawks Defense

The Seahawks came into the 2013 season as the #1 ranked fantasy football D/ST and it seems they will provided a sense of security to their owners this year.

Seahawks DefenseThere was not much question coming into this season that the top D/ST to have was the Seahawks. While Seattle finish quite a few points shy of the Bears last season, there could be no doubting the amount of talent Pete Carroll had assembled.

While many preseason favorites can go bust early in a season, the Seahawks have been about what they were expected to be. Through three weeks, they are averaging 13.3 fantasy ppg and rank 4th overall behind the Chiefs, Cowboys and Bears. The non-top 3 rank early in the season is no cause for concern. The Cowboys and Bears are higher up due to defensive touchdowns and it’s somewhat impressive that Seattle is close on their heels without scoring one.

3 Week Seahawk Recap

Week 1 @ Carolina

  • Points Allowed: 7
  • Interceptions: 0
  • Fumbles Forced: 3
  • Fumbles Recovered: 2
  • Sacks: 1

Week 2 vs. San Francisco

  • Points Allowed: 3
  • Interceptions: 3
  • Fumbles Forced: 2
  • Fumbles Recovered: 2
  • Sacks: 3

Week 3 vs. Jacksonville

  • Points Allowed:17
  • Interceptions: 2
  • Fumbles Forced: 2
  • Fumbles Recovered: 1
  • Sacks: 3

The reason the Seahawks are the favorites is due to their ability to hold opponents to low point totals. That’s the true mark of a great defense. If not for some “garbage time” in week 3 against the Jaguars, who scored 17 points in the final 21 minutes after the Seahawks built a 31-0 lead.

As I advocated in my preseason article on drafting a fantasy defense, it’s not a bad move to draft an elite defense high. I took the Seahawks in a pair of standard league drafts in rounds 8 and 9 (fun fact: both of those teams are currently 3-0). An elite defense can give you an edge on the scoreboard the way Jimmy Graham is giving owners a huge edge at TE.

Having a D/ST like the Seahawks can provide stress relief during  a stressful season for fantasy junkies. If you went with the streaming method, your likely crossing your fingers every time you put in a waiver wire claim. Riding with one defense all season is a gamble, but Seattle provides the best odds.

The Seahawks have a huge home field advantage. The “12th man” at CenturyLink Field is recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records as being the loudest crowd at any stadium. Add to that the normally wet weather and travel that can sometimes span a change of three time zones and it can’t be doubted that Seattle really does have some type of 12th man that can weigh on an opponent.

Seahawks’ remaining schedule with a 1/10 rating on favorable match-up is:

  • Week 4: @ Houston Matt Schaub is one of the most inconsistent QBs and the Texans are a mess right now. Andre Johnson is questionable going in and Arian Foster has been mediocre. 7.7/10
  • Week 5: @ Indianapolis – The Colts are looking good early. This could be a rare game where the Seahawks allow 20 or more points, but unless you have the roster space to get a D/ST with a better match-up, stick it out. 6.4/10
  • Week 6: vs. Tennessee – Jake Locker is not a QB to worry about. This will likely be a big drop for the Chris Johnson roller coaster too. After what they did to the 49ers, you start Seattle at home no matter what. 9.1/10
  • Week 7: @ Arizona – This is not as juicy a match-up as it was last year, but you can still expect a good road effort from Seattle against an unimpressive offense led by Carson Palmer. 7.8/10
  • Week 8: @ St. Louis – At first, it looked like the Rams’ offense would be strong, but Sam Bradford has been weak lately and the jury is out. It’s games like this were the extra edge rushers will effect the game and aid the Seahawks. 8.2/10
  • Week 9: vs. Tampa Bay – The Bucs were the first team to dump their QB and Mike Glennon’s NFL skills are TBD with week 4 on the horizon. You’ll need to wait and see if this turns out to be the sweet match-up it could be. 8.9/10
  • Week 10: @ Atlanta – This might be the one to worry about. A lot will depend on whether Roddy White is back to his old self. Assuming the Falcons are back on track in week 10, maybe check the waiver wire. 6.3/10
  • Week 11: vs. Minnesota – Adrian Peterson is a freak, but teams have contained him in the past. The Seahawks have a good chance of building an early led and forcing the Vikings to pass and to play into their hands. 8.2/10
  • Week 12: BYE WEEK
  • Week 13vs. New Orleans – Pray for rain? Well, you might not need too. Brees is human and has his off games, like in last season’s 5 INT/0 TD game in Atlanta. Hope the 12th man shows up this week. 7.0/10
  • Week 14: @ San Fransisco – This will likely be a playoff game for you and one that makes you toss and turn the night before, due to how well the 49ers can play. Maybe check the waiver wire for this vital game. 6.2/10
  • Week 15: @ New York Giants – Eli Manning has been awful lately and even at home the Seahawks could get in his head. This should be another big match-up for you, but don’t worry too much about it being a road game. 7.5/10
  • Week 16: vs. Arizona – Hopefully the Seahawks are looking to clinch home field advantage at this time and win in a emotional blowout win. They get home field… you get a league championship… Win. Win. 9.4/10 
  • Week 17: vs. St. Louis – There is a chance this game will not have any meaning for anyone, unless Seattle is looking to go undefeated. 8.3/10
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