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Raiders to Las Vegas Hits A Snag

Raider to Las Vegas

The Oakland Raiders finally have the building blocks of a team on the rise, and yet fans are constantly being reminded their beloved black and silver are leaving. At 3-1, just behind the Denver Broncos, the Raiders are very much in contention to win the AFC West this season.

Raiders to Stay in Oakland?

raidersThe Oakland Raiders finally have the building blocks of a team on the rise, and yet fans are constantly being reminded their beloved black and silver are leaving. At 3-1, just behind the Denver Broncos, the Raiders are very much in contention to win the AFC West this season. The team has a young quarterback on the rise in Derek Carr, a talented receiving group and many young pieces on offense to be hopeful of the future. The Defense, however, is a work in progress, but Oakland does have an elite talent in Defensive End Khalil Mack they can build around. Any other sports fan would be excited about what the future will bring, but an Oakland Raiders fan won’t sleep easy until they know their team is staying put.

The plan was to move the team to Las Vegas. Wheels were in motion as quotes on a stadium, we’re set, and discussions on location were even a talking point. Just about everyone outside of Oakland was excited about the potential of Las Vegas getting it’s second major sports team after recently adding an NHL Team. If you had asked me, I would have said you could have used your Leo Vegas free bet on the Raiders playing in Nevada shortly, yet everything seems to have come to a screaming halt and nobody is more excited than the people in Oakland.

Raiders owner Mark Davis unloaded a bit of antipathy on Strip Stadium benefactor Sheldon Adelson. For his $650 million ante, it sounds as if Adelson wants a piece of the team. According to national sports blog Bleacher Report, Davis told Adelson last week to forget about it. Dissension between those parties is a good thing for the Raiders staying in their ancestral home of Oakland. That’s not it, there’s more, neither the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee nor Adelson has a problem with raising hotel room taxes to pay for the state’s end of the deal, yet the Nevada Taxpayers Association does. The taxpayers this week came out in opposition to the state putting a $750 million touch on the voiceless casino customer. In a separate announcement, Nevadans for the Common Good also turned thumbs down on the deal. The church-based activists think if the state’s going to get into $750 million worth of money changing, the cash should go to someplace other than a new temple for football.

Unfortunately, these types of deals are nothing new; billion dollar owners expect the public to pick up part of the bill and yet charge ridiculous amounts for things like Tickets and Merchandise.  All of this aside, the Oakland Raiders fan can bank on one person shutting this down if push comes to shove. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has never been fond of the deal to Vegas.

With cost becoming an issue, Raiders Owner Mark Davis growing sour on the deal and Goodell hovering overhead ready to pounce on any chance of an NFL team landing in a place like Las Vegas, it might be all for nothing.

Article Update: 

Since first publishing this article, one of the two news source I read has been yanked. It seems there is a lot of hearsay on the subject. However, this article is an extension of the summary piece I wrote.



  1. James M

    October 4, 2016 at Tuesday, October,4

    Real true diehard Oakland Raider fans don’t want the team in Vegas they belong in Oakland Oakland deserves a new stadium for the Raiders. Fyi mark Davis does not have the money to move that’s why he wants to wait three years and then move so he can raise the money that he is suppose to have. Also Ronnie Lotts group has been in talks with the city of Oakland on a new stadium deal. We real Oakland Raider fans deserve to see a new stadium in our state of California in Oakland because of the raiders history and the gameday tailgate atmosphere which is second to none. If you haven’t never been to a raider game in Oakland you are missing out and don’t truly understand what this team means to us here in northern California.

  2. Jason V

    October 3, 2016 at Monday, October,3

    The Stadium and Convention Center bills are being rolled into one — making the stadium nearly a done deal. Adelson asking for minority ownership is nothing but pure speculation and rumor. Just today Howie Long (Former Raiders Player) jumped on board in support of the Raiders to Las Vegas. Jerry Jones has been supporting the move as well. I can’t understand why anybody would think that the Raiders would now be staying in Oakland. All the facts have been pointing to Vegas.

    • Mike Rigz

      October 3, 2016 at Monday, October,3

      You could be right Jason. I think in the end, it’ll come down the owners vote.

  3. v

    October 3, 2016 at Monday, October,3

    Mike, sorry for the “double post”, but have you seen a source confirm Adelson asked for minority interest? I have heard him talk about the stadium and listened to the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee hearings and didn’t hear anything about Adelson wanting part of the Raiders. That report seems to have popped up out of nowhere. I had heard Ronnie Lott’s group would be seeking a minority stake, but not Adelson. Just wondering if you were just using “Bleacher Report” or if you have verified it anywhere else. Thx!

    • Mike Rigz

      October 3, 2016 at Monday, October,3

      I linked to the news source. I read it this morning, but I agree there are lots rumors floating around with this story. As someone who goes to Vegas all the time I would love to see the team move there, but after talking with some Raider fans recently, I have flipped my point of view and hope the team stays in Oakland.

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