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Everyone likes to compare different players as the week’s games approach. We all face the question of who to start over who. We want the match-ups that give us the highest possible success rate. Sometimes the answer is easy to come by, sometimes it isn’t.

Fantasy Football 2013[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryone likes to compare different players as the week’s games approach. We all face the question of who to start over who. We want the match-ups that give us the highest possible success rate. Sometimes the answer is easy to come by, sometimes it isn’t. This article will try to make those answers a little clearer in an attempt to help you win your weekly fantasy match-ups.

Since wide receivers will be featured in this week’s comparisons, Fantasy Points Allowed against Wide Receivers (FPAWR) and Fantasy Points Allowed against Quarterbacks (FPAQB) may be taken into consideration. While no defense is the exact same any given season, it is still advantageous to take into consideration a defense’s recent history.

Tavon Austin @ Falcons

Tavon Austin’s NFL debut may not have been as exciting as one would have hoped, but he was still fairly productive. The rookie speedster finished with six catches for 41 yards, presently evidencing his added value in PPR leagues. What’s promising about Austin in Week 2 is that he and the Rams are facing a Falcons’ defense that allowed 367 total yards to the Saints in Week 1.

Just as exciting for Tavon Austin fantasy owners is the fact that he saw seven targets in his debut, putting him on pace for 112 total targets this year. While 4 fantasy points in standard leagues and 10 points in PPR leagues may not have been something to write home about on Sunday, Austin should continue to showcase his versatility against a seemingly soft Atlanta secondary.

Miles Austin @ Chiefs

Sunday night was proof that Miles Austin can be a solid WR2, particularly in PPR scoring leagues. He tallied 10 catches for 72 yards. Austin greatly benefited from the constant attention Dez Bryant received from multiple defenders all night. That being said, the Kansas City Chiefs defense looked legendary in Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. They should come back down to earth this week against one of the more dynamic offenses in the game.

While a duplicate performance shouldn’t be expected from Austin at Arrowhead Stadium, I still like him as a WR2 in standard leagues this week. I also like him in every other week, as long as he and Bryant are both on the field.

Lance Moore @ Buccaneers

Usually a decent flex play, Lance Moore was almost non-existent in the Saints’ first game of 2013. He saw just four targets throughout the contest. After catching Brees’ first pass of the game for 16 yards, he caught just one more pass for seven yards. In fact, Sunday’s performance would have been Moore’s worst outing of the 2012 season. That’s a reason not to give up on Moore just yet. Fantasy owners need to understand that the Saints’ three main targets on offense are: Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles and Marques Colston.

Another reason to be optimistic about Moore’s 2013 future is that New Orleans faces last season’s worst defense in FPAWR. Additionally, newly acquired Buccaneers’ cornerback Darrelle Revis should be hovering around Colston during most of the game. Lance Moore should get back on track in Week 2. It wouldn’t be surprising to see his targets double against Tampa Bay.

Kendall Wright @ Texans

There were plenty of disappointing performances last weekend. Kendall Wright’s Week 1 output was one of those let-downs. Admittedly, Wright was one of my favorite sleepers going into 2013. The Titans’ offense as a whole looked sluggish in their win over the Steelers. One would assume that the 11 yards Kendall Wright totaled against Pittsburgh will be a season low, much like Lance Moore’s dismal outing.

Despite giving up four receiving touchdowns to the Chargers on Monday night, I’m still not convinced that the Texans’ defense is that soft. Most of the damage was done in the first half as the secondary and defense really stepped up in the second half to produce a historical comeback win.

Starting Order

1. Miles Austin @ Chiefs

2. Tavon Austin @ Falcons

3. Lance Moore @ Buccaneers

4. Kendall Wright @ Texans

My excitement was escalated for Miles Austin entering the season in PPR leagues and even more so after his success against the Giants. As long as he can stay healthy, Austin should stay at the very least a low-end PPR WR2 level. Such is the case this week against Kansas City. Tavon Austin still has something to prove. After all, he’s only played in one professional football game. The Rams’ offense looks promising, but I’m not starting Tavon over Miles this week. Lance Moore is the most consistent and proven wide receiver of the bunch and has showcased his value for years in PPR scoring formats. He just doesn’t get looked at often enough to earn a start, at least not yet. Aside from Tavon Austin, Kendall Wright may have the most upside of any of these receivers. Wright’s main issue is his quarterback. Jake Locker is a big reason why I’m ranking him fourth in this week’s PPR comparisons.

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