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Peyton Manning Picks Denver

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Broncos Sign ManningPeyton Manning has made up his mind and will make the Denver Broncos his new home very soon. Rumors are the Broncos will offer the ex-Colt QB a contract in the area of 16-19 million dollars a year, just under what Manning was shooting for.

Expect Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clark to sign in Denver while a Tim Tebow trade to happen immediately. Poor Tebow can’t seem to catch a break, just as he starts to win over the coaching staff, he becomes the odd man out in Denver. That’s business though, and the reality of the NFL. I’m guessing about 80% of the league would toss their current quarterback under the bus to get their hands on Peyton Manning.

ProFootballTalk reports that Tebow won’t demand a lot of trade value, but teams like Miami or Jacksonville shouldn’t wait around and play hard ball. A team like the Dolphins would be able to pay Tim Tebow’s contract in pure earnings from Jersey sales. Tebow returning back to Florida would create a hype that could surpass the excitement of Manning signing in Denver, and in all reality, if Tebow can’t succeed in Miami or Jacksonville, then he’s done as an NFL QB.

Other rumors brewing: Mike Wallace to Denver to give Manning a number 1 receiver.

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