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Will The 6th Ranked Patriots Move Up The World’s Most Valuable Sports Team List?

It’s been official for a while now, the New England Patriots are a dynasty.

Tom Brady FantasyThe Patriots are back for yet another Super Bowl to take on the Philadelphia Eagles, February 4th, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. This is the Patriots third Super Bowl appearance in four seasons after coming back from an 11-point deficit to beat the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game.

It’s very clear that win or lose, the Patriots are the NFL’s top team, yet from a business standpoint, the Patriots rank only sixth on the list of the world’s most valuable sports teams. The cutoff to qualify among the world’s most valuable sports franchises is higher than ever, up 18% in 2017 to $1.75 billion. There are 36 franchises worth at least $1 billion that did not make the top 50. And surprisingly, the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports team in the world. The Cowboys are worth 4.2 Billion despite not won a playoff game since beating the Detriot Lions in 2015. The Cowboys also haven’t made it to the Conference Championship round since they went all the way to win Super Bowl 30 back in 1996 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Cowboys have revenue of roughly $840 million and generated $350 million in profits, powered by merchandise sales and expanded business resulting from a new practice facility, according to Forbes. The following is the world’s top 30 most valuable sports teams 2017 according to Forbes.

Rank | Team | Value | 1-Yr change | Sport

  1. Dallas Cowboys, $4.2 billion, 5% (NFL)
  2. New York Yankees, $3.7 billion, 9% (MLB)
  3. Manchester United, $3.69 billion, 11% (Soccer)
  4. Barcelona, $3.64 billion, 2% (Soccer)
  5. Real Madrid, $3.58 billion, -2% (Soccer)
  6. New England Patriots, $3.4 billion, 6% (NFL)
  7. New York Knicks, $3.3 billion, 10% (NBA)
  8. New York Giants, $3.1 billion, 11% (NFL)
  9. San Francisco 49ers, $3 billion, 11% (NFL)
  10. Los Angeles Lakers, $3 billion, 11% (NBA)
  11. Washington Redskins, $2.95 billion, 4% (NFL)
  12. Los Angeles Rams, $2.9 billion, 100% (NFL)
  13. New York Jets, $2.75 billion, 6% (NFL)
  14. Los Angeles Dodgers, $2.75 billion, 10% (MLB)
  15. Bayern Munich, $2.71 billion, 1% (Soccer)
  16. Chicago Bears, $2.7 billion, 10% (NFL)
  17. Boston Red Sox, $2.7 billion, 17% (MLB)
  18. Chicago Cubs, $2.68 billion, 22% (MLB)
  19. San Francisco Giants, $2.65 billion, 18% (MLB)
  20. Houston Texans, $2.6 billion, 4% (NFL)
  21. Golden State Warriors, $2.6 billion, 37% (NBA)
  22. Philadelphia Eagles, $2.5 billion, 4% (NFL)
  23. Chicago Bulls, $2.5 billion, 9% (NBA)
  24. Denver Broncos, $2.4 billion, 24% (NFL)
  25. Miami Dolphins, $2.38 billion, 28% (NFL)
  26. Green Bay Packers, $2.35 billion, 21% (NFL)
  27. Baltimore Ravens, $2.3 billion, 19% (NFL)
  28. Pittsburgh Steelers, $2.25 billion, 18% (NFL)
  29. Seattle Seahawks, $2.25 billion, 19% (NFL)
  30. Minnesota Vikings, $2.2 billion, 38% (NFL)


Media Rights

The NFL is the organization that owns the media rights for all games played by all NFL teams across the US. Selling the broadcast and streaming rights for the games is a major source of revenue for the league and the teams. Last year, the NFL had revenues of $7.8 billion from media rights alone, an amount that’s evenly distributed among all of the 32 teams in the league. In 2016, this meant $244 million for each team, growing by 10% compared to the previous year.

Can The Patriots Move Up The List?

These sports team value projections came out last year, so it will be interesting to see how they change this summer. However, with another successful season and possibly another NFL Championship, you have to wonder how much the Patriots will move up. Clearly winning playoff games isn’t a major indicator as to the value of a sports franchise, as merchandise and TV/media are major players, but my guess is the Cowboys and Patriots become the top two most valuable sports teams in the world by July of this year.

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