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17 Jul 2018

Best Fantasy Football Books For 2018

2018 Fantasy Football Books Recommendations The fantasy football industry grows dramatically every year. Innovative new league formats spring up almost daily, creating a micro niche for a fantasy football guru to emerge. This year alone I’ve been apart of a number of creative league draft startups. Some of these leagues are

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29 May 2018

Diet and Nutrition in the NFL

At one time, the National Football League was considered a seasonal sport. Players would occupy the role of being a professional athlete during the season, but aside from the stars who were garnering big contracts (for the time), many of the players had offseason jobs whether they worked in the

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Fantasy Football Team Names
03 May 2018

50 Star Wars Fantasy Football Team Names

Star Wars Team Names Who doesn’t love Star Wars? The popular franchise has created a crazy fan base similar to that of the fantasy football community. Ironically enough, many of these Star Wars fans are also fantasy football owners. So, I took the liberty of trying to come up with

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Sports Betting

Antonio Brown Steelers
18 Feb 2019

Early 2019 NFL Playoff Betting Odds

2019 NFL Playoff Odds As I’ve mentioned in a number of previous sports betting articles, I’m always on the lookout for tempting NFL Future bets. These odds change often throughout the NFL Offseason, and sometimes are only available for a week or two. But if you get lucky, sometimes you can find

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11 Feb 2019

NFL Betting Odds: Where Will Le’Veon Bell sign in 2019?

Le’Veon Bell Landing Spot Odds We believed back in 2018, that running back Le’Veon Bell would eventually make his return after an offseason holdout. However as the weeks dragged on, the likelihood of Bell coming back lessened. Fantasy owners wept as their fantasy teams were subject to rostering a player

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10 Feb 2019

Super Bowl LIV Betting Odds

Super Bowl LIV Odds My Thoughts: Patriots 6.5 to 1 Smart Bet I’ve been joking all week that the AFC needs to have an intervention. There is a serious problem among the top teams in this football conference that just can’t get things together when needed. The Chiefs are constantly

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