Peyton The G.O.A.T.?


Before it’s over, the critics and wannabe-know-it-alls are going to say that Peyton Manning has to win 14 Super Bowls, eight MVP trophies, and throw for 200,000 yards to be named the greatest quarterback of all time. Seriously, what hasn’t the man done yet in his 12 seasons as the league’s most dominant quarterback?

I’m not even going to bring up the stats because anyone can Google those. The bottom line is year in and year out Peyton takes whatever cast and crew is available and delivers at least 12 wins, a playoff appearance, and an occasional championship. No other quarterback in the league has consistently dominated in the manner that Manning does.

This season served the perfect testament to number 18’s case for Greatest QB of all time. Tony Dungy, one of the sharpest coaching minds in the game, exited as head coach of Manning’s Indianapolis Colts. Marvin Harrison asked for his release following last season, leaving only one long-tenured receiver (Reggie Wayne) for Manning to throw to. Remember, the other starter this year was supposed to be Anthony Gonzalez, who injured his right knee in the season opener against Jacksonville and was eventually placed on the injured reserve.

All this change normally calls for a rebuilding season or two. However, Peyton worked his

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More Than Just A Game For New Orleans

More Than Just A Game For New Orleans 126100116 1230 cardinals v saints playoffs
By: WAG and Kenny Perrier

The following is a conversation between WAG and Kenny Perrier, both are Gridiron Experts hired gun writers and both were born and raised in the New Orleans area. Here is there take on the impact of the Saints’ first Super Bowl:

> > WAG: People who aren’t from Louisiana, or the Mississippi and Alabama coasts, really can’t even begin to understand what the Saints’ first Super Bowl appearance means to this region. This is much more than finally having a team good enough to overcome all the obstacles to make it to the Roman Numeral Game.
This is about a region– often ridiculed, left for dead, joked about, viewed as “backward-thinking people”– putting aside life’s hardships every Sunday for three and a half hours to gather around one symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. That symbol lies in the golden arm of Drew Brees, the softness in Marques Colston’s hands, the electricity in Reggie Bush’s legs and in the minds of Sean Payton and Greg Williams. This game is the equivalent to Morpheus’s speech in Matrix Reloaded before the Revolution begins. Just like the strongest quote in that statement, the Saints, New Orleans and the Who Dat Nation are shouting, “we are still here!”

> > Perrier: Ya betta believe we’re still here. We get to see former Saints QB, Bobby Hebert, carry on long time Saints radio personality Bernard “Buddy D” Diliberto’s promise: if the Saints made it to the Super Bowl, he’d wear a dress. Normally, you see Bourbon Street packed, when Mardi Gras is in full effect, with thousands of tourists having a good time. This past Sunday night, Bourbon Street resembled Mardi Gras. But ,the difference is it was filled with Saints Fans rejoicing and celebrating. Celebrating for years of heartache. Years of watching Aaron Brooks smile after throwing interceptions, almost losing our beloved team to San Antonio, and having one of the best defenses of all time, “The Dome Patrol,” and not winning a playoff game. The list can go on and on, but “we are still here!”

> >WAG: To Saints fans, this is the equivalent of combining the 2004 Red Sox and the ’05 White Sox championships in baseball after years of

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Fashion By Belichick: In Stores Next Fall

Fashion By Belichick:  In Stores Next Fallcapt 1067afac9e7940609f778883dbef2f5c ravens patriots football fbo164

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about what NFL coaches wear on the sideline.  Who cares, right?  It’s the playoffs! You may not admit it, but everyone noticed when Mike Nolan wore suits in honor of his dad (Dick Nolan), when Belichick cut the sleeves on his hoodie, or the remarkable unmovable hair of Jimmy Johnson.  Maybe by fashion statements, we get some insight into the personality of coaches that we don’t get from interviews or talk shows.  Whatever it may be, random things coaches wear on the sideline remain a topic of conversation, even if it’s a small topic.  If anything, it’s water cooler talk and gives us something to break the monotony of never-ending analyzes of the upcoming games.

Lately, one coach stands above all.  One of the most low-key, cards to the chest, and successful coaches in the NFL is none other than Bill Belichick.  His guarded personality doesn’t portray to welcome or invite attention to him or the Patriots.  So, why every weekend, especially doing the winter months, doing the NFL season, we witness a new fashion statement?  First, it was the hoodie, then the hoddie with the sleeves cut, and this past weekend was the old school wool hat with the furry ball on top.  To quote the guys from Monday Night Countdown, “C’mon Man!”  In retrospective, Belichick was one of the first to wear wind pants and hoodies on the sideline.  You can say he contributed to the new laid back attire commonly worn by NFL coaches.  That being said a few questions surfaced.  What happened to the business suit days?  What happened to the cowboy hat (Bum Phillips) or the felt hat (Tom Landry)?  What happened to the days when you can distinguish between the head coach and the athletic trainer?  Every once in awhile a coach will try to bring back the business like attire (Mike Nolan), but Nolan had to ask permission from the NFL to do so.  Yes, ask permission.  As of July 2009,

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Alex Smith’s Fantasy Value

Alex Smith’s Fantasy ValueAlex Smith's Fantasy Value

Alex Smith stepped in out of nowhere and almost rescued the San Francisco 49ers drowning offense last week, coming just short of a heroic comeback, falling to the Houston Texans 24-21. Smith excelled where Shaun Hill could not, as he came in after half-time and threw three touchdowns (all to Vernon Davis), and over 200 yards in a fury of offensive production. And while that’s just peachy, what the rest of the fantasy world is wondering is, was it a fluke, or can this kid finally play some ball?

Quite honestly, it’s going to be hard to say with a very tough match-up against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts in week eight. If Smith bombs, throws three picks, and the 49ers drop their third straight, does that mean he’s a fantasy dud? Not at all. Smith displayed great confidence, poise, and most of all, sound decision-making.

He showed he still has great chemistry with tight end Vernon Davis, and after a full week (now two weeks) or practicing with rookie receiver Michael Crabtree, his overall comfort level with his weapons and the offense is at an all-time high, and leaps and bounds better than what Hill had to offer. Does Smith

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Jim Johnson Passes at 68

Jim Johnson passed away Tuesday afternoon at the age of 68 after a courageous battle with cancer. The 22 year veteran as an NFL assistant was one of the top defensive masterminds in NFL history. Four of his defensive assistants have gone on to successful careers with other NFL franchises: …

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Steve McNair Killed

In very shocking news, former Titans and Ravens QB Steve McNair was found dead at age 36. Police are ruling the death a homicide. McNair was shot four times, twice in the head and twice in the chest, by a semiautomatic pistol. Sahel Kazemi, a waitress at a sports bar and …

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